5 Ways to Tackle Seasonal Sports Equipment Storage

5 Ways to Tackle Seasonal Sports Equipment Storage

It’s time to call an audible and clean up the mess

Moms who have kids that play sports know that everything really is a team effort. Softball, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, soccer, football, you name it, moms everywhere go through the same seasonal sports pains.

Elaborate carpool systems that rival military operations, unpredictable and uncomfortable weather, ridiculous amount of smelly laundry and piles of unused, out of season equipment are among the common problems for all of the 12th (wo)men out there.

While mDesign can’t really help with pick up/drop off times or rain delays, we might have some tips on how to store that softball glove in the winter or those basketball shoes in the spring. But before you start reading, make sure it’s not your turn to pick up the kids! Ok, now on to sports equipment organization.

As a first step in organizing your child’s sports equipment, you need to establish a specific area to keep all of it. If you are lucky enough to have garage storage, this is the perfect place. Garages are out of the way and, more importantly, out of sight, making them the perfect location for seasonal sports equipment to reside until it’s needed. If you don’t have a garage, all hope is not lost. Try designating a closet or an area of the basement or mudroom.

As you decide on a set storage area, take stock of what equipment you have so you know how large of a space you need. Some things to consider:

  • Do you have equipment your kids have outgrown or don’t use? Purge it!
  • Do you have equipment used in different seasons?
  • Do you want a single storage location for all sports?
  • If so, is the space you’ve planned easy for the kids to access gear when needed?
  • Or, do you want to have both an “in use” spot and a storage spot, then swap equipment out as seasons change?

There is no right or wrong answer to these answers. It’s all about finding what will work best for you and your family. Honestly, everything just lives in the back of my van during baseball season!

Once you decide WHERE to store everything, it’s time to decide HOW to store it.
Here are some of our favorites:

1 Basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, lacrosse… Balls pile up fast! Throw them all in this basket to keep them corralled and accessible. The elastic straps hold balls in but are easy to move and grab what you want. Playing in the yard or starting a neighborhood pickup game? Just wheel this rack out and get started.

Metal Rolling Sports Equipment Rack Basket to Store Balls in Garage

2 How do you stay organized when you’re too busy to even think? Drop zones! The key is to make it as easy as possible; find a convenient location and don’t worry too much about the exact order of things or how nice it looks. Place this 2-tier hammock near the car or entryway. As your kid runs to and from practice and games, there’ll never be a question of where they put their bag. The open design is ideal for “dropping” equipment as they run to their next event while keeping everything visible, easy to grab, and aired out.

Gray 2 Tier Fabric Hammock Storage with Metal Frame in Garage Organizing Tennis Baseball and Yoga Equipment

3 Need more room? This metal sports storage rack keeps mudrooms, entryways, and garages tidy with multiple compartments and hooks. This is perfect if you have gear for multiple sports and want a more permanent home for all of it. The tall design takes advantage of unused vertical space and helps separate out smaller items. Drop off smaller sports equipment such as frisbees, baseball gloves, and free weights in the basket on top. In the large basket, place yoga mats, sports balls, boxing gloves, and more. Use the side compartments for hockey sticks, baseball bats, and tennis racquets. The hooks can be used to hang water bottles, hats, and other accessories, and the top rods are great for storing larger balls.

Black Metal Fitness Equipment Organizer in Garage with Multiple Levels and Baskets Containing Balls and Sports Supplies

4 For a cleaner look, check out this 3-tier organizer. The 11 removable fabric bins in three different sizes provide concealed storage with style. Organize everything from mitts, jump ropes, and frisbees to cleats, shoulder pads, and balls. Pull out bins with the built-in handles let you grab exactly what you need; or take the whole bin with you! Made of a decorative gray fabric, this unit is also a fantastic addition to every room in the home.

3 Tier Metal Storage Organizer in Garage with 11 Gray Fabric Bins in 3 Sizes Containing Exercise and Sports Equipment

5 Have a future baseball, hockey or lacrosse star in the making? Bats and sticks always seem to pile up and be in the way. And let me tell you, those are death traps if you trip on them! Don’t worry, we have a solution! This sports storage rack contains a grid to store bats and sticks upright. The large fabric basket also provides space for balls, padding, shoes, etc. Six small mesh pockets hold smaller items like pucks, tennis balls, and water bottles.

Metal and Fabric Sports Storage Rack in Garage with Small Front Pockets, Large Basket for Basketballs and Soccer Balls and Wire Grid Holding Baseball Bats Upright

There you go! All of your kid’s equipment and gear is organized and you can have some peace of mind again despite the hectic carpooling schedule. Two last tips: Make transporting a breeze with this mesh equipment bag and keep plenty of water on hand so kids stay hydrated as they work up a sweat!

Light Gray Plastic 3-Tier Water Bottle Storage Organizer Rack on Marble Counter in Kitchen Side view of Woman with Mesh Fitness and Sports Equipment Storage Bag Over Her Shoulder Containing Yoga Mat and Soccer Ball

As parents, we should be happy that our kids want to participate in sports. Keeping them active and healthy while also adding in a social aspect, sports help kids develop physically and mentally. So, try to remember the benefits when you’re contemplating ripping your hair out because you have to be three places at one time, or when you’re dumbfounded that one teenager can create such a smelly mess. Use these storage solutions to cut back on the stress of the season by keeping everything in its place! But don’t be surprised when your little linebacker still can’t find his cleats even though they have been on the same shoe rack for weeks.

Chelsea McCulley is the Digital Asset Manager at mDesign

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Posted: Apr 8, 2021