clear plastic eight-compartment organizer holding beauty and makeup samples

Declutter Beauty Samples Like a Pro with the right organizer

Written by: Katherine Flacco



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Before your beauty samples become beauty-product clutter, find the makeup organizer that will help streamline your daily routine.

Forget diamonds, any beauty aficionado knows the real way into their heart is with a mountain of beauty samples (but if you want to gift us a diamond or two, we will never shy away). Whether you’ve acquired samples at beauty counters, hotels, beauty subscription boxes, or been gifted a makeup gift set or two, it’s safe to say there’s enough sample size product to satisfy you for a bit. However, these tiny jars and foil packets make for the ultimate organizational challenge.

If you want to declutter your beauty samples like a pro, start by organizing them by category. Opting for bins or organizers with varying compartments gives you the flexibility to sort into categories like makeup, haircare, skincare, and fragrance. Compartmentalizing your samples will also help you keep tabs on what you have and when you want to use them. If you want to go the extra mile, add labels. Labeling is essential for long-term organizing success, and along with labeling by category, be sure to add the date when you receive the sample to help you keep track of when it might expire.


While we enjoy dabbling with a new eye cream, nail color, or perfume sample, those tiny jars and packets are easy to lose, or worse, get lost in your bathroom drawer never to be seen again—oh, the horror. But don’t fret, we have everything you need to house your beauty loot in a way that works for you.

Rectangular Canister

Instantly tame countertop clutter with this sleek canister. Perfect for storing perfume samples or tiny lip balms, this aesthetically pleasing bathroom canister corrals small beauty samples.

3-Drawer Cosmetic Organizer

Streamline your routine with this counter-worthy cosmetic organizer, which has plenty of room to store samples and your beloved full-size beauty favorites. Between its product-friendly compartments and sliding drawers designated to different categories, this organizer is a win-win.

6-Section Bin

Whether you prefer to leave it out on your vanity or tuck it away inside a drawer, this divided organizer not only sorts makeup and skincare but it's also portable thanks to the built-in handles—think of it as your traveling beauty station.

4-Section Drawer Organizer

How you sort your beauty drawer differs from person to person, but this simple four-section design will help organize your beauty tools and samples in a way that works.

Plastic Adhesive Bin

If bathroom space is at a premium, mount this handy organizer inside cabinets to create additional beauty space.

Stackable Box with Hinged Lid

While this may not have any dividing sections, this single-compartment organizer is the perfect size for storing makeup samples with your brushes to remind you to try that new foundation shade or shimmery eyeshadow. Plus, its stackable design creates much-needed space-saving storage.

5-Drawer Cosmetic Organizer

If you prefer to keep all your samples in one place and not have them mix with their full-size counterparts, then this towering five-drawer organizer is just what you need. It seamlessly keeps everything from mini nail polishes to tiny perfume bottles to skincare foil packets sorted and organized.

Lazy Susan Spinner

Perfect for mini lotions or tiny skincare bottles, this revolving organizer looks good on counters, tucked inside deep cabinets, or under the sink for more discreet storage. Plus, the clear design helps you avoid the dreaded makeup rummage—we’ve all been there.

Sampling is nothing new; however, there's been a resurgence thanks to covetable holiday gift sets. The beauty industry thrives on experimentation in the hopefulness of turning that sample-size product into a full-size purchase. Before your samples get out of control and become beauty-product clutter, opt for these editor-approved organizers, and get ready to streamline your beauty storage solutions.