black rolling bar cart with trays of beverages, glassware, and barware accessories in neutral living room environment

10 Ingenious Ways to Use a Rolling Cart

Written by: Kristen Anderson



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Unlock the possibilities of the rolling cart with mDesign.

You can call it by many names – a rolling cart, a bar cart, a tiered cart, or a storage cart, but one thing's for sure: it's one of the most versatile items you can have. The possibilities are endless. While you can use this for countless purposes tailored to your specific needs, we'll break down some top trends for this must-have product.

Here are 10 ways you can use a rolling cart throughout your home. 

1. Create a Snack Station for Delivery People

In this digital age, where we're ordering more than ever from online sites, a constant stream of packages is arriving. Many of us find ourselves with multiple deliveries each day. Why not show some love to the delivery person? Take a tiered cart and stock it with bottles of water, soda, or pop cans (depending on your location), snacks, fresh fruit, napkins, tissues, gum, mints, and maybe some small bottles of hand sanitizer. Anything that makes sense for a delivery person out on the road all day will be appreciated. Include different-sized wood grain bins on the shelves of the rolling cart to keep items organized and cans from rolling around. Remember to attach a sign to show your appreciation. 

2. Utilize it as a Rolling Library/Workstation

With the rise of remote work and online schooling, most of us spend more time at home than ever. Space is limited, and we often have to convert various areas into workstations. You can keep a rolling cart equipped with all the essentials you need to create a successful workstation or library for you and your kids, like chargers, pens, and paper. Place divided bins and clear boxes on the cart to keep items organized and easy to find. Its wheels make it portable so that you can move it from room to room, and when you're done, neatly put everything away on the cart.

3. Craft Your DIY Mani/Pedi & Self Care Station

Who doesn't need a pampering cart these days? The tiered shelves of this manicure cart keep all your self-care needs in one organized place. You can quickly move the rolling cart from the bedroom to the living room or bathroom – wherever you need a personal spa. Consider adding a packet organizer to store and separate your sheet masks from your mud masks.

4. Set Up a Stylish Bar Cart

Create your own bar cart with fun glasses, a beverage tub, a marble cutting board, and your drink of choice. Using a rolling cart this way is perfect for adding some cheer to quiet time spent at home as well as at parties.

5. Design a Coffee/Breakfast Station

This idea is excellent for special occasions like Mother's or Father's Day, or even brightening up a weekend. Set up a rolling breakfast cart with a carafe of coffee, a fresh fruit tray, teas, or even a mimosa bar. Place a serving tray on one of the tiers and glide the rolling cart into your (or a loved one's) room for a perfect breakfast-in-bed experience.

6. Assemble a Baby Station

For new parents, a baby station rolling cart can be a lifesaver. Stock it with essentials like pacifiers, diapers, wipes, toys, water, snacks, and a remote control for the TV. The best part is that you can quickly move it wherever you need it, all with one hand. Include a divided caddy on one of the tiers of your rolling cart for even more storage customization and portability.

7. Create a Craft Station

craft cart is perfect if you've taken up a new hobby or need some entertainment for the kids. Stock a rolling cart with supplies from your local craft store and keep them organized in small boxes with labels. The portability of this rolling cart makes it easy to bring outside for messier crafts that use glitter or paint. It's ideal for knotting -- just stock it full of all the needed skeins, needles, looms, and accessories for your current project, and you're ready to work in your favorite craft area or on the couch watching TV. When you're done, wheel it away and out of sight.

8. Establish a Decoration Station

A rolling cart can be a stylish base for your decor if you have extra knickknacks, picture frames, or ornamental trinkets with nowhere to display them. Store extra blankets, throw pillows, books, or even a plant on a  rolling cart instead of a table for a more personalized look.

9. Set Up a Pumping Station

For new mothers, a pumping station can make life a lot easier. You can store all the parts, tubes, breast milk bins, and extra pieces on a slim rolling cart, along with some hydration, snacks, and magazines to keep you occupied during pumping sessions. With a rolling art -  never sit down to pump and realize that you have to get up to grab X. Y, or Z again.

10. Enhance Your Bathroom with a Bath Cart

Enhance your bathroom decor with a self-care rolling cart filled with candles, towels, and bath salts to turn your bathroom into your personal sanctuary. You can roll it next to the tub while soaking to keep a towel, music, and a cup of tea within easy reach. And if you're low on storage space, place a rolling cart in your guest bathroom to provide go-to products for visitors.

Whatever your needs are, a tiered and rolling cart can be the solution. mDesign offers a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to fit your needs and home decor perfectly.