10 Ingenious Ways to Use a Rolling Cart

10 Ingenious Ways to Use a Rolling Cart

Updated your style with these fun rolling cart ideas

Call it what you want – rolling cart, bar cart, tiered cart, storage cart – this is one of the most versatile items you can own. The possibilities are endless. While there are millions of things you can use this for tailored specifically to your needs, we are breaking down some of the top trends of this “must have” product.

Here are ten ways to use a rolling cart throughout your home.

1 Snack Station for Delivery Person

Since we are living in a digital age and ordering more than ever from eCommerce sites – I’m looking at you Amazon - many of us have a constant stream of packages arriving. I know between my husband and myself, we have several packages arriving each day. We try to cut down as much as possible, but honestly, with the pandemic it has become too easy to hit that “purchase” button on your phone, from your couch, in your pjs. So, why not show some love to the delivery person(s) out in the cold? Take a tiered cart and add some bottles of water, soda/pop cans (depending on which part of the US you are from), snacks, fresh fruit, napkins/tissues, gum/mints, and maybe some small bottles of hand sanitizer (check out this blog to you make your own). Anything that would make sense for a delivery person who is out on the road all day will be appreciated. Include different size wood grain bins to keep items organized and cans from rolling around. Don’t forget to attach a sign! Show some love and thank them for being essential during this time!

Metal 3-Tier Rolling Kitchen Food Storage Cart with 4 Caster Wheels with Lemons and Water Bottles Wood Grain Food Storage Bin on Wood Floor with Treats for Delivery Drivers

2 Rolling Library/Workstation

Ahh, the age of working from home and online schooling. Whatever your situation is, I’m sure you’re spending more time at home these days due to the pandemic. Most of us have to make do with the limited space we have – taking over a bedroom, laundry room, or dining room table to use as a workstation. The need to have supplies, chargers, pens, and paper on hand are at an all-time high. If you’re like me, our house wasn’t designed for this. Enter – the rolling cart! Keep it equipped with all the essentials you need to have a successful workstation or library station for you and your kids. Place file holders, divided bins, and clear boxes on the cart to keep items organized, contained, and easy to find. Wheels makes this cart portable so you can move it from room to room or meeting to meeting. Plus, at the end of the day you can neatly put everything away on the cart and roll it out of the way. Hello dinner at the dinner table.

White Steel Metal 3-Tier Rolling Storage Cart Holding Office Supplies Mint Plastic File Folder Storage Organizers on Rolling Cart Shelf with Office Supplies

3 DIY Mani/Pedi & Self Care Station

Who needs a pamper cart? I do, I do … Again, refer to #1, I have been getting A LOT of deliveries and yes, a few of those have been face masks and one of those pedicure foot shavers. Well, I have no room to store all my newfound items – roll in the rolling cart! With its tiered shelves it keeps all your self-care needs in one, organized place. Plus, you can move it from the bedroom to the living room to the bathroom – wherever you need a personal spa for a moment. Try adding a packet organizer to store and separate your sheet masks from your mud masks.

Clear Plastic Divided Packet Organizer Bin Storing Face Sheet Masks and Makeup Gray Dresser with White Details Next to Pink 3-Tier Rolling Storage Cart for Bath and Beauty Supplies on Dark Carpeting

4 Bar Cart

Yes, please! Again, let’s not state the obvious, but being stuck at home for months on end is hard. However, it’s a tad bit better with some alcohol. Whatever your fancy might be you can create your own bar chart with fun glasses, beverage tub, marble cutting board, and your drink of choice. Learn how to make a charcuterie tray in this blog and get inspired today. Plus, one day we will be able to entertain in our homes again so this will definitely come in handy.

3 Tier Rolling Storage Wine & Bar Cart with Marble Shelves White 2-Tier Bar Cart with Wood Shelves in Front of Window in Living Room Den with a Beverage Tub

5 Coffee/Breakfast Station

This one is more of an idea for entertaining because I promise sometime in the future, we will be together with friends again. This is great for an after-dinner pick-me-up. Or put together a rolling breakfast cart for mom or dad this Mother's or Father’s Day. Add a carafe of coffee, a tray of fresh fruit, a selection of teas, a mimosa bar, you name it and wheel it into the bedroom for a perfect breakfast in bed without worrying about dropping anything.

Open Mini Fridge and Black Metal Rolling Storage Cart Organizing Food and Coffee Station Clear Acrylic Plastic Serving Tray with Breakfast Pancakes on White Duvet Bed

6 Baby Station

New babies need a lot of things. A. Lot. When you’re a tired mom you can’t think most of the time, you just do. So, put together a baby station cart with all the necessities: extra pacis, diapers, wipes, toys, water for you to stay hydrated, snacks in case you are hungry, remote for the tv – all the goodies. The best part is you can wheel it to wherever you are going, one-handed. No need to scrummage around for a go-to item, they are all organized in the cart. No thinking required! Include divided caddies for even more storage customization and portability.

Black Steel 3-Tier Rolling Cart Storing Diapers, Wipes, Baby Powder, Blankets, and Nursery Supplies White Tote Storage Caddy with Bamboo Handle on Nursery Room Dresser Holding Baby Supplies

7 Craft Station

Anybody else taken up a hobby or two during the pandemic? If so, this is for you. Well, even if you haven’t and need some ideas to keep the kids entertained, this is for you – try a craft cart. Go to your local craft store and get supplies for the kids, then keep it organized and stored on a cart in small boxes with labels. On a nice day, you can take it outside to do some glitter crafts – trust me, do these outside, or go from the kitchen to the family room. When you are finished, just wheel it away when you are finished and out of sight. Not sure what to get? Start with paper, finger paints, glitter, stickers, glue and googley eyes! Oh and don’t forget the paper towels for cleanup.

Don’t forget to create a craft cart for yourself as well. It’s especially ideal for knitting/crocheting. Just stock it full of all the needed skeins, needles, looms and accessories for your current project and you’re ready to work in your designated craft area or on the couch watching tv.

Pink Metal Wire Tapered Rolling Cart with Yarn and Crafts Storage Bins and Boxes in Pastel Colors Organizing Kid & Baby Playroom

8 Decoration Station

Have extra knickknacks, picture frames or ornamental trinkets laying around with nowhere to display them? Get yourself a cart! These can be elegant additions to your furniture and display all sorts of items you have around your house. Store extra blankets or throw pillows, some books, or just your favorite plant. Ideas are endless.

Decorative Black Wire Rolling Cart with Wood Finish Shelves Storing Home Decor Plant and Picture Frame Entryway Room with White Wooden Bench, Hyacinth Woven Baskets, Rolling Cart and Hanging Wall Decor

9 Pumping Station

This is something I wished I had back when I had my babies: A pumping station. All those parts, tubes, and extra pieces can be stored easily on a cart. Add some hydration, snacks, and magazines to keep you occupied while pumping. I swear every time I got ready to pump, I would try to gather everything together that I could possibly need and then I would sit down, start, and realize I forgot a drink or snack or some other essential item. This would have been a game changer for me.

White Wood Rolling Side Table with Drawer and 2 Woven Hyacinth Natural Storage Baskets Wisteria Light Purple Plastic Narrow Slim Storage Bin with Bags of Breast Milk for Fridge

10 Bath Cart

Enhance your bathroom décor with a rolling cart for your bathroom. Use candles, towels, and bath salts to turn your bathroom into your personal sanctuary. Roll it next to the tub while you are soaking to keep a towel, music and glass of wine on hand. Low on storage space? Pull a cart into your guest bathroom to provide go-to products for visitors. Need a place to store all those samples you get? Add an apothecary jar filled with lotions & potions for your guests!

Pink Metal 3-Tier Slim Narrow Rolling Storage Unit for Bath and Beauty Supplies Bathroom Decor Shower Curtain with Arrow Print, Black Rolling Storage Cart and Round Wall Mount Shelf

Whatever your need is right now or in the future, I bet it can be solved by one of these rolling and tiered carts. mDesign has a variety of styles, sizes and colors to perfectly fit your needs and home décor.

Laura Sirk is a Marketing Manager at mDesign.

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Posted: Mar 9, 2021