Use an Organizer to Create the Perfect Easy Mother's Day Gift Surprise

Written by: Kristen Anderson



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A Gift Guide for Mother’s Day 2023

The classics are classics for a reason, and when it comes to Mother's Day presents, there's a rotating list of greatest hits. Flowers, breakfast in bed, brunch – they’re all great. 


But they all end when the day ends. (If you're lucky, the flowers might make it to the following Friday.) 


Why not surprise the mother figure in your life by using an organizer to create something more impactful? 


This year, reframe Mother's Day gift ideas as Mother's Day experiences to elevate the holiday, using the power of the organizer to transform an area of your home for her to enjoy year-round.

With a few easy tweaks, designing a place for your mom to relax will make a daily difference that's the perfect, long-lasting gift. 


Making an area of the home that the mother figure in your life frequents more functional and neat will make every day a little easier and brighter, showing her how much you care all year long. It's the equivalent of a homemade gift without figuring out how to craft it -- instead, you can rely on an organizer to do the heavy lifting. 


Have someone take your parent out while you set up a surprise... 

Cozy Reading Nook

(Or phone scrolling nook...let's be realistic here.)

Create a place for your mom to unwind by placing a side table with a fabric sling, the perfectly sized organizer for books, magazines, crafts, and whatever makes her happy, next to a comfy chair.

To make the area extra soothing, deck it out with a small group of plant stands topped with easy-to-care-for Pothos or artificial plants, which are just as happy-making for those without a green thumb.

For a more space-saving option, try a bedside organizer with pockets to keep favorite things within reach and even a loop to hold a water bottle. (And stuff a couple of surprise bedtime snacks in the pockets for her to find later.)

Bathroom Spa Oasis

Encourage your mom to relax in the bathroom instead of dashing in to brush her teeth and running out the door by placing a tiered wire organizer shelf on the wall.

They're lightweight and easy to hang, providing the perfect platform for a flameless candle, fizzy bath bombs, an aromatherapy shower gel, or anything else that sparks joy. (Bonus points if you add a sweet note reminding her to take a little time for herself!)

If a smaller organizer would work better in your space, a single mounted shelf will do the trick without taking up too much real estate.

Stylish Shoe Station

If your mom has a shoe pile or basket to sift through, or one ballet flat behind the couch and one under the table, simplify the process by using stackable shoe organizers that help her see her footwear at a glance.

Using an organizer also make it easy to store shoes away when you're done with them for the day, preventing the kick-them-off-and-lose-them routine many of us are all too familiar with – and that mom definitely doesn't have time for.

And if storing shoes in the closet is one of your loved one's favorite organization hacks, hanging shoe organizers are a great option with the same ease of use. (These are also great for clutches, purses, belts, and other small accessories, p.s.)

Streamlined Jewelry Organizer

Clear up some space on your mom's dresser by carefully transferring her jewelry into the compartments of a jewelry organizer box. Missing earring backs and lost rings can become a memory of the past with the sections of this holder, which cleverly maximizes vertical storage space with its four tiers of drawers.

Not to worry if it seems like she may not have enough to fill a box. A spinning necklace organizer will keep her favorites close at hand and eliminate the annoyance of tangled necklaces.

So pick an area of the home and take some time to surprise your loved one by giving it a boost. No matter what organizer you choose, taking the time to make your mom's life a little sweeter and easier will go a long way toward making her feel loved.