You’re Not Off the Hook!

You’re Not Off the Hook!

Try these hook organization ideas for your home

Keys, purses, scarves, jewelry, ties, dog leashes, towels, jackets, umbrellas, clothes, razors. What do all of these items have in common? They can be organized with hooks!

Not only do hooks serve as a great way to sort all of your everyday items, but they can also add character and style to your home or workplace. They’re one of the most versatile forms of organization. I’ll show you some of the many ways you can utilize them in your home or work!

Adhesive/Suction Hook

When it comes to bathroom/in-shower products, you can’t go wrong with a suction hook. They hold up in water and are great for holding razors, poufs, washcloths and any other shower accessory you may use. mDesign’s shower suction cup hooks come in quantities of one, so you can get as many or as few as you need and add to your set at any time.

Over the Door Hooks

Over Door Men's Tie and Belt Holder Organizer Valet Hook Plastic Over Door Hanging Storage Rack

Another easily movable and reusable option is the over the door hooks. These work on any door in any part of the home. Over the door, single hooks can hold a towel or jacket if you’re just looking for a simple solution for an item or two. If you have many items that you’d like all in one place, four-hook over the door racks are the way to go. Placed side-by-side, you automatically have eight new places to hang your items.

For ties, belts, scarves, and jewelry, the over the door hanging tie rack organizer does the trick. Technically designed for ties, the small size of each prong makes it the right size to hold all of these other items, too. To maximize your storage space, if you suffer from extremely small closet syndrome like I do, the valet hook over the door storage rack is a fabulous choice. They hang sturdily over your door and provide enough space for five to six clothing items. Line up two to three of these or more and you have tons of extra space for all of your things!

How about your cubicle at work? If you’re a fellow cube-dweller, you know that there isn’t always the most room for your things. Especially in the winter or rainy months when a coat and/or umbrella are a must-have on the daily. Cubicle partition coat hooks are ideal for your workspace – giving you enough room for your bundling up necessities. Line up as many as you need! They add a touch of class with their modern finish.

In-Closet Hooks

A cool way to make the most of your closet space – big or small – is to use in-closet hooks. mDesign’s small plastic hanging closet storage organizer hooks are small and strong. They clip right onto your pre-existing closet racks and can hold a variety of accessories – purses, scarves, jewelry, ties, belts, whatever you need. You can clip them to the back of the rack so they are out of sight, or you can clip them to the front for easy access.

Wall Mount Hooks

8 Hook Metal and Wood Wall Mount Hanging Storage Rack Farmhouse Metal Wall Mount Storage BaskeT

Moving away from the plastic and metal options, a classic wood wall mount hooks blends in nicely with the cabinetry and trim in your house while being functional and charming. Use these to hang keys, purses, leashes, scarves, hats, etc. ready at a moment’s notice.

Last, but certainly not least, a wall mount with hooks AND a basket for additional storage. mDesign’s farmhouse wall mount storage basket with six hooks is both stylish and useful. The basket up top makes a home for seasonal decorations or a dog leash or two. The six hooks underneath provide enough storage for your necessities. The farmhouse look is growing increasingly popular, and this metal basket/hook combo is the next item you need to complete the look!

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Posted: Nov 7, 2019