Workout Room Organization

Workout Room Organization

Storage Solutions for your home gym

In life, intentions can be misleading. Like yeah, I intended on going on a diet, but this triple chocolate cake had other ideas. We’ve all done it, so there’s no shame in not following through with our intentions. So that treadmill that you use a free-standing modular closet isn’t something to be embarrassed of, but it is something that needs to change. Just like other spaces in your house, organizing your work out room will make you want to be there (not saying it will make you want to work out, but let’s take this one step at a time).

Yes, we are talking workout room organization and depending on the size of your room, amount of equipment, and whether this is a shared space are all factors that we need to take into account. First, location, location, location. Is your workout space some dumb bells and an elliptical in your bedroom, is it a revamped garage space, or is it in the basement away from everything else? Storage solutions really are dependent on the amount of available space, so keep that in mind when you’re picking out your organizing equipment. However, regardless of space, there are some sure-fire storage solutions that will work in almost any environment!

6-Tier Wall Mount Bathroom Towel-Holder Storage Rack Large Farmhouse Metal Wire Wall Mount Storage Shelf

For example, a wall mount towel holder is perfect for those post work-out sweat towels and can also double as yoga mat storage! This will free up some ground space for your actual work out equipment all while still looking tidy and neat.

Another hanging storage solution is this wall mount shelf. The basket can be used for miscellaneous items, such as cell phone, lifting gloves, et cetera, while the hooks are perfect for jump ropes and resistance bands!

Metal 3-Tier Rolling Laundry Cart Utility Shelf Wall Mount 4-Pair Shoe Display Rack Hanging Storage

For other weighty equipment, you’ll want something grounded and sturdy. We recommend this rolling cart that can handle medicine balls, smaller dumb bells, and any other small to medium equipment you have. (plus, it has wheels for easy relocation in case you want to rearrange or clean your workout room).

Our last storage solution pertains to perhaps a women’s best friend… shoes! We know normal people usually have one part of workout shoes, but some of us are insane and like to have options even when we plan to get disgustingly sweaty. This wall mount shoe display rack is another hanging storage solution (remember, save floor space for the real workout equipment) that not everyone will need in their workout room, but we know some people out there likes to match their kicks with their fits, even if it is just yoga pants a t shirt.

When you think of a workout room, big, heavy treadmills, foam floor mats and other bulky equipment come to mind, not necessarily ideal for organizing purposes. But even in these spaces, organizing will provide some much need peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your workout and your goals instead of tangled up jump ropes and misplaced workout gloves.

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Posted: Oct 2, 2019