Super-Easy Nail Polish Organization Inspiration

Super-Easy Nail Polish Organization Inspiration

Get Salon-Style Storage with these Organization Hacks

One of the coolest jobs in the world? Naming nail polish colors! How many times have you been on the fence about a color, only to turn over the bottle and have the polish name make up your mind? “Cherries in the Snow” or “Boss Beige” sounds way more enticing than plain old “red” or “tan.”

Nail polish has been around for a long time. As far back as 3200 B.C., Babylonian warriors had their nails manicured and painted black before battle to instill fear in their enemies. In ancient China, women soaked their nails in a concoction of beeswax, gelatin, and egg whites, then painted them with color made from orchids and roses. Egyptian queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti wore ruby red nails to signify their royal status.

During the Roaring Twenties, manicurist Michelle Manard, inspired by the paint on cars, invented the opaque nail polish we know and love today. Recently, a jewelry company created a high-end nail varnish by adding 267 carats of crushed black diamonds to the polish. The price? A mere $250,000 per bottle.

Even if you’re not into spending a quarter million dollars on nail polish, you’ve probably got more than a few bottles in your make-up bag. The average woman owns somewhere between 10 and 25 colors. mDesign has some excellent storage solutions and organization inspiration to keep your nail color collection in tip top shape.

Summer nail trends: Mix-n-Match Color - Put a rainbow of color on each hand. Press-Ons - They’re baaack! Manicured perfection in a flash. Cuticle Jewels – Nail bling’s the thing!

First, ditch any opened bottles you’ve had for more than two years. Ingredients evaporate once the bottle’s been opened, and the polish thickens. While you can extend the life of polish with polish thinner, the biggest threat to your favorite bottle is air —think about it, nail polish is formulated to dry when exposed to air. Clean the caps of your nail polish so dried varnish doesn’t prevent an airtight seal. Unopened bottles can last indefinitely.

Store your nail polish upright and in a cool, dark place. Some people swear by storing polish in the refrigerator. Yes, it keeps your polish cool, but it takes 30-40 minutes to warm up to room temperature before use. Skip the hassle by storing your polishes in a cupboard or closet. mDesign’s wall-mounted storage shelf is easy to install and turns unused wall space into a handy place to keep your colors.

Gently agitate your nail polish every few days. When polish sits too long it sets and separates. Be careful not to shake too hard or else bubbles will form and ruin your next manicure. Store your nail color on this 2-Tier Lazy Susan and give it a little spin every time you pass by.

White Plastic Wall Mount Shelf with 3 Tiers holding Nail Polish and Cosmetics Light Gray and Chrome Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable Spinner with 2 Tiers Holding Nail Polish and Cosmetics

These storage solutions are great for small and medium-sized nail color collections. Make sure your collection has the 7 basic colors that style experts say every woman needs:

  • Soft Pink – something sheer and feminine that works with every skin tone
  • Classic Red – vibrant color for those days when you want your hands to look as confident as you feel
  • Nude – skip the polish change; nude matches any outfit
  • Hot Pink – perfect for when you’re feeling sassy
  • Metallic – edgy, yet versatile
  • White – pops your tan in summer; pair with soft pink for French manicures
  • Dark – navy, black, or purple, dark nails make a bold statement

Woman's hands painting glitter nail polish over her pink finger nails

Don’t forget base and top coats. The base coat protects your nails from staining and the top coat adds days to the life of your manicure.

If you’re a hard-core nail fashionista, you’re going to need more storage. Try this 16 Section Organizer —each compartment holds two bottles of nail polish, and you can organize your polishes by color, just like the wall of your favorite nail salon. Or try a hanging organizer, like this double-sided organizer. It has 48 pockets with clear vinyl windows, so you can see your color choices. The larger pouches on the bottom can hold emery boards, clippers, and cuticle sticks.

Stackable bins are a great way to organize all your manicure tools. Use longer boxes for files, buffers, cuticle scissors, nail trimmers, and nail polish remover. Smaller bins are great for cotton swabs, cuticle cream, and polishes. This set from mDesign comes with pre-printed clear labels so you can get your nail game organized and keep it that way.

Keep a caddy handy, like this make-up storage tote, and create a mobile mani-pedi station on self-care days. You control the clutter by only taking what you need from storage. Cotton balls and swabs are a good reason to add a decorative touch to your vanity or bathroom counter. Choose the vintage-inspired round jar or the sleek rectangular jar for compact, stylish storage.

Clear Plastic Wall Mount Bin Shelf with 16 Divided Compartments Containing Nail Polish Bottles Small Clear Plastic Bin Box with Open Lid Labeled Nails and Containing 8 Nail Polish Bottles Small Clear Glass Apothecary Canister Jar Next to Chrome Metal Lid Containing Cotton Swab Q-tip Sticks

Nail polish is an affordable luxury and a fun pick-me-up. Now you can treat yourself to a new polish color without worrying about cluttering up your space.

Lisa Langford is a Senior Copywriter at mDesign

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Posted: Jul 12, 2021