Storing Off Season Clothes

Storing Off Season Clothes

mDesign has tips for storing clothes when it’s time to swap your seasonal wardrobe

When the seasons change, our personal style changes to adapt. As we bid farewell to the warm summer days of swimming, relaxing, getting some sun, we can prepare to welcome crisp fall days, changing leaves, fire pits and blankets, by updating our closet. While some find this to be a chore, it’s fun and oh-so-satisfying to organize and swap out your wardrobe. Then we can head into a new season with a clean slate. Here at mDesign, we want to share our favorite ways to effortlessly transition your closet. We hope it inspires you to tackle a weekend project and pack away and store your off-season clothes.

Shoe Storage Boxes

Sandals, flip-flops, espadrilles, and wedges can be swapped for sneakers and boots with these large stackable storage boxes. Convenient fabric bins have a hinged lid and a window that lets you see your favorite shoes inside. This large multi-set comes in several colors and can be stacked vertically inside your closet to optimize your space.

Bedroom Organizer Bin

Put away tank tops, bathing suits, sarongs, shorts, hats, bags, and accessories in organizer bins. These simple plastic bins are clear so you can find what you need easily, and they have handles that let you move and store them in different places in your home. Use this bin on its own or stack it as a set and save space on shelves.

Fabric Storage Box

Match your shoe storage to this fabric box. This versatile bundle not only holds clothes, but also makes a great organization option for blankets, pillows, and other household items that need to be put away as the seasons change. Each box includes a lid and a clear window that lets you easily see what’s inside if you need to find a specific item in a rush.

Storage Zipper Bags

Extend your change-over to your attic, basement, or garage with these zippered fabric bags. The large storage items are great for exchanging bedding, linens, pillows, quilts and other big seasonal favorites. They all have a zip top, easy-grip handles, and a transparent side so you can find items easily.

Metal Shelf Organizer

These simple metal shelves are a great option for closet shelf storage. The expandable design creates extra room in your space, allowing you to keep shoes, jeans, shirts, sweaters, and more tucked away neatly as you switch from summer to fall effortlessly.

Hanging Storage

Add space to your closet with this fabric hanger with 10 compartments. These shelves are flexible to hold multiple items and can collapse flat when not in use. Fold and put away lightweight bed linens, sheets, seasonal décor, blankets, shirts, bags, scarves, accessories, and other seasonal staples when not in season. This fabric organizer has an open front design that keeps items sorted but within reach if you ever need to layer.

What are some of your favorite ways to store for the changing seasons? For more ideas on how to organize, check out some past posts on his & hers organization, linen closet storage, expert closet tips, and New Year’s makeover solutions!

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Posted: Sep 9, 2021