Small Spaces Hacks

Small Spaces Hacks

Top 10 Amazing Small Spaces Hacks

From New York apartments to college dorm rooms. If you live in a small space or a tiny house, I have some simple storage solutions you just won’t want to miss! Even if you don’t live in a small space, you’ll still be amazed at how you can make the most of what you have with these 10 space-saving hacks.

Bedroom Hacks:

Modern Farmhouse Side/ End Table With Drawer Fabric - Under Bed Storage Organizer Bag, Zippered Lid

Whether you live in a studio apartment or college dorm, either way, you are going to need more space!.

1 Platform beds are all the rage these days! I even have one myself. I love it because it doesn’t require a box spring, so it sits lower to the floor and doesn’t block my window view. However, if you live in a small apartment, an elevated bed means below bed storage. A platform bed can be raised off the ground, suddenly significantly increasing your storage space!

To make this happen, purchase some cute cubby storage cubes, enough cubbies to withstand the weight of you, your partner (if you have one), and the bed. Then, arrange them any way you like! You can go as little as one level high or as high as three levels, or more! It depends on your needs and comfort level. I am terrified of heights, so I’ll just do one level, thank you.

2 For scaredy-cats like me who want our feet closer to the ground, try placing these short bedside tables next to your bed. They are also great next to a platform bed that is not elevated because they are on the shorter side, less than 24” tall. The neat thing about these end tables is that they have a nice sized drawer to store plenty of books, blankies, and even a laptop.

3 And for the low-to-the-ground platform bed or the standard height bed, nothing beats under the bed storage. Stack them side-by-side or one atop the other. They are perfect for off-season clothing, extra bed linens, shoes, and so much more.

Closet Hacks:

Hanging Accessory and Scarf Holder, Closet Organizer - 18 Sections Natural Woven Storage Cube Basket With Handles

4 The number one item for small space closets are accessory holders such as mDesign’s 18 Section Scarf and Legging Hanger. Stock up on 3 or 4 of them because you will need every single wrung! They are also great for men’s ties.

5 Over-the-door hanging racks are key to adding additional storage space. Use them for robes, PJ’s, hoodies, and jackets. They free up valuable closet real estate.

6 If you have a hefty budget, the newest discovery I have found is a 360 rotating lazy Susan for accessories! If you have the budget this is the ultimate addition! In order to keep this beauty organized, I have two options for you. These beautiful seagrass baskets can be all the same or you can mix them up. We have the tapered basket with handle, or this square, shorter option is perfect for smaller shelves. They hold anything loose, small or floppy, and they do it so well.

7 Last, if you have some wall space but little closet space, the mDesign Fabric Wardrobe Organizer is what you need. With more than 60” in width of brand-new closet space, you are sure to make the most of that unused wall. It comes with generously sized, removable drawers that have an easy pull handle and the shelves allow you to stack several items at a time.

Kitchen Hacks:

Pop/Soda Can Storage Dispenser Fridge Bin Large Plastic Kitchen Pantry Lazy Susan Turntable Storage - Plastic

8 With small spaces come small refrigerators and cabinets. When I moved from our family home to our condo, one very apparent thing was how small the kitchen seemed. In fact, when we bought new appliances the refrigerator that came with the suite was way too big, so I had to order a different one, much smaller. At first, I didn’t mind the smaller fridge. After all, there was only the two of us now, how much space did I really need? But when company came over, yikes, I felt the pinch. One thing that saved me from constant lamenting, was storage bins. mDesign storage bins come in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and types. Some with lids for stacking, others with handles or wide front openings. Whatever the need, mDesign has a solution.

9 Also important in a small refrigerator is stacking where possible. Cans and jars are the biggest offenders when it comes to clutter in a fridge. Get these under control and you can almost double your space! Try storing beer or soft drink cans in this Soda Dispenser by mDesign. For jars of many heights and sizes, storing can be tricky, but we have a great solution…The remarkable Lazy Susan! This little gem can hold almost any size jar or bottle. This 360° turntable with high side walls keeps your condiments safe and secure.

Mudroom Hacks:

Multi-Tier Fabric Shoe Rack Floor Stand Storage Multi-Tier Fabric Shoe Rack Floor Stand Storage

10 And what about that mudroom? Whether you have a mudroom or not you still need a place to store your shoes, don’t you? This 6-tier shoe tower will do the trick. The slim design allows you to slip this bad boy almost anywhere. All you need is about 13.5” of floor space and you’re good to go.

Simpler living shouldn’t complicate one’s life, it should free you up to enjoy more of what life has to offer! If you get storage right, you can reap the benefits of a clutter and confusion-free environment. Let me know if you try any of these suggestions and how they worked for you. Don’t forget to tag on social media #mdesignsmallspaces. I’d love to see what you’ve done!

Joyce Colovas is a content writer at mDesign
and an avid lover of all things fun and fabulous!

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Posted: Dec 16, 2019