Small Appliance Organization Tips

Small Appliance Organization Tips

Simple ways to store your small appliances

When it comes to kitchen organization, it’s relatively easy to figure out how to organize most items, as there are typically organizers or cabinets made specifically to fit them. i.e., Plates, glasses, mugs, pots, and pans. But when it comes to the more oddly shaped, yet delicate items, it can pose a challenge.

I’m talking about small appliances. Keurig’s/coffee makers, blenders/bullet blenders, mixers, toasters, toaster ovens, etc. These not only are all different shapes and sizes, but they often have a myriad of extra parts and attachments that go along with them. Keeping these kitchen gadgets organized in a smart, yet functional way is, in fact, possible with these tips and products.

Small appliances come in all kinds of pretty colors and styles these days and often are left out on counters for display instead of hidden away in a cabinet or appliance garage. If this is you, you can use a Metal Storage Shelf. These can be thoughtfully placed next to your coffee maker if you choose to leave it out on the counter. The top shelf will fit salt and pepper or a small decoration nicely, the second shelf can be used to house sugar, stirring sticks, or napkins and the bottom shelf/counter shelf can be a home for your toaster or toaster oven. This shelving unit also will fit in cabinets or pantries if you decide to move it in a concealed location after all.

Speaking of cabinets, if organized properly, all your small appliances can and will fit into space you already have, it just takes a bit of reconfiguring. Most cabinet shelving units are adjustable between the top and bottom shelf. However, there is not always separation vertically between the shelves to separate sections inside. That’s where mDesign’s shelf dividers come into play. These are easy to install and great for creating individualized spaces for each appliance, regardless of size or shape. They create a clean, sleek look in your cabinets, too!

Mixers are also an important appliance that can be a bit tricky to store, due to all the extra parts they require aside from the main unit itself. For this, there are a couple of good options:

  • Drawer Dividers – These adjustable dividers from mDesign fit any drawer in any kitchen. You can make as many sections as you need, and they’ll fit mixer attachments for both your standard mixer, bullet mixer/blender or food processor. You can use these for all your drawers to separate kitchen utensils or finally organize that junk drawer!
  • Metal Wire Kitchen Storage Baskets – These fit in cabinets or pantries next to your appliances or by themselves in a designated deep drawer. They are lidded and stackable if you have the space to do so. The 5” depth of the bins makes them capable of holding lots of attachments and extra utensils and are clear on the sides so you can easily locate the part you’re looking for. They can also double as storage for coffee pods, tea bags, spices, and seasonings, etc.

Shelf dividerslidded boxes and bins, and corner shelves all make great small appliance organizers in any home for any appliance, saving time you’d normally spend digging around drawers and cabinets trying to find missing pieces!

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Posted: Sep 27, 2019