Shoe Org Showdown

Shoe Org Showdown

Show your shoes who’s boss with these organization tips and ideas

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a shopaholic, but I definitely overindulge now and again. Especially when walking through the shoe section of almost any store. It’s always “just looking” until you’re attempting to balance four shoe boxes on top of one another up to the cash wrap. It feels justifiable because, I mean, we NEED shoes, right?...

Once I get home with all of those boxes and envision all the ways and places I can wear my new finds, the task at hand – or foot – is to find a way to organize them within the rest of my pre-existing collection.

I could cut back on the shoe buying, but let’s be serious. I can’t promise anything. I can, however, make it my mission to organize my purchases in a tactful and functional way. I can also go through my shoe collection and decide which shoes have seen better days, need an upgrade, or that I simply don’t ever see myself wearing anymore. A good shoe cleanout does a world of difference in your home and wardrobe.

Kick off your shoes and get ready to tackle a part of organizing with mDesign that can, at times, be quite the headache – shoe organization.

Shoes are kind of a necessity and that means that they need to be accessible, not strewn about taking up your foyer, mudroom, or entryway space.

Footwear comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are worn most days and go with everyday outfits, while others are for special occasions. Some are for activity; some are for show. Some can be stacked in a closet, some need to be specially preserved as to not ruin their shape. Some are even collectors’ items and should be on display!

Finding a storage solution to solve the myriad of shoe dilemmas we have doesn’t have to be a trek in the mud, it can be a walk in the park!

Shoe Storage Solutions

There are tons of types of shoe organizers and organizing methods that anyone can find one that fits into the space you have allotted for your footwear, whether that be in your small or large closet, mudroom, entryway, or garage.

I don’t realize how many shoes I truly have until the seasons change. Living around the snow belt, seasons are no joke, we see all four of them – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I typically can wear the same set of shoes from May-September and then another set from October-April. That said, I have tons of sandals and tons of boots – both oddly shaped types of shoes that don’t make storage easy.

The best place to start is by sorting your shoes by their use or purpose. For example, I separate my fall/winter shoes from my spring/summer shoes. I have a shoe rack that sits in my entryway that holds my everyday shoes for whatever the season currently is. My out of season shoes are on their own shoe rack inside of my closet, hidden away until I need them.

My special occasion shoes – thigh-high boots, heels, etc. are also on the same rack as my out of season shoes, since I rarely need to pull them out. The problem with this is that my heels and other more expensive, nicer footwear are thrown in with my boots that are probably not the cleanest from the previous season.

The best solution is to create a new form of organization for these more special items and free up space for your less delicate items – aka more space to fill with new shoes!

If you’re an avid sports player or just a sneakerhead, you’re going to want to both store and possibly simultaneously display these treasures. I know as a casual tennis player myself, true tennis shoes are both very cute and very expensive, so other items touching those is a no go for me, but I’d still like them to be visible since they make quite a statement.

For in-closet needs, whether you’re performing a full-on closet overhaul or just reorganizing your shoe collection, mDesign’s hanging shoe organizers are space efficient and easily blend in with the rest of your closet. For taller shoes like low boots or heels, you can place them horizontally in individual slots to ensure their shape is not altered, or they fit just as well vertically together in one cubby hole. Flats, sneakers, sandals – you name it, it fits. This kind of organizer is especially good for flip flops and sandals because they are slim and multiple pairs can be placed into one cubby hole.

Have plenty of closet space and far more than 20 pairs? Go all out and put several organizers together for one large...

Shoe Extravaganza!

Multi-Tier Fabric Shoe Rack Floor Stand Storage 20 Section Fabric Hanging In-Closet Shoe Organizer Multi-Tier Fabric Shoe Rack Floor Stand Storage

Small Plastic Closet Storage Bin Shoe Box with Lid Wall Mount 4-Pair Shoe Display Rack Hanging Storage Large Plastic Closet Storage Bin Shoe Box with Lid

If you’re like me and lack extensive closet space, floor standing organizers are the way to go. Tall 12 grid shoe cubbies and wide 16 grid shoe cubbies from mDesign are large enough, again, for several types of styles. I have a floor organizer in my entryway area as a catch-all for my daily worn shoes and another tucked inside my closet for my out of season shoes. These work in either of these places as well as make a nice addition to your mudroom or garage.

Speaking of the garage, depending on the size, layout, and the number of other objects you regularly store in this area, this tends to be another place shoes end up living. Put a unique spin on shoe storage with a mDesign shoe tree. This mounts neatly on the wall and is both functional and eye-catching. Holding four pairs, this creates an easy access point when you’re about to head out for a jog or a bike ride and want to quickly grab your shoes. If they get wet or dirty, the elevated, separated design will allow them to dry out in time for your next outing.

Special occasion shoes, as mentioned before, need special preservation to make sure they aren’t getting smashed or dirty from other shoes that you’re wearing on a more regular basis. These kinds of shoes also tend to be a bit pricier than the everyday shoe.

Closet shoe boxes hold shoes safely inside, away from each other and away from any dust. The closet shoe boxes from mDesign are stackable, too, so you can keep them all together and neatly organized for when wedding season comes around.

The clear style of the box allows it to serve as both a great storage solution but also as a display box for your shoes that are your pride and joy. These look sharp in walk-in closets with shelf space, as they break up different sections of your clothing items and also create a nice focal point or pop of color, depending on the shoe.

Flats, slip-ons, and lesser worn sneakers fit into the lower design. For those stilettos, low boots, wedges, etc. the taller design, also stackable, keeps your taller shoes safe from the elements. Mix and match the shorter and taller closet shoe boxes to create a uniform organization solution in your closet.

Now your everyday, sport, and special occasion shoes have a home, a purpose, and maybe even a display case! The most important thing is sorting through what you do and don’t need, leaving out your most use at the ready, as opposed to what you only wear occasionally or when you’re performing certain activities. Once you’ve got all your shoes sorted out, you can better decipher where they are best stored at and where to place all of your new purchases going forward.

Purge your shoe collection just in time for the holiday season and new year. Get some new kicks to wear to holiday parties and get your entryway looking fab for when your friends and family come to visit this upcoming holiday season! They may even pick up a few tips for themselves!

In Honor of Your Shoe-tastic Update

...get inspired from this gem of a video from 2007 if you love shoes as much as I do!

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Posted: Nov 21, 2019