Personal Hygiene Storage Ideas

Personal Hygiene Storage Ideas

10 Tips on how to store feminine hygiene items

Okay, ladies, this one is just for you. I want to talk to you about the one thing nobody wants to talk about. Feminine hygiene storage, aka, how to store your tampons, panty liners, and leakage pads. Say what? Really? Come on, I know what you’re thinking, ‘why would anyone want to talk about that!?’ I get it. We don’t!

But now that I put it in your head, you might be wondering, ‘come to think of it, what is the best way to store that stuff?’

Obviously, there is no ONE way to store our feminine care products, I mean, most of us just keep them stashed in their original packaging under the sink, right?

Well, I’m not here to talk about what is the right way to store them, I just want to give you some neat alternatives and maybe help you clean up some of that clutter under your sink. Maybe give you a few new ways to think about storage and how even the smallest items should have a place to call home. After all, I LOVE creative ways to store things!

There are 3 basic categories for personal care storage I would like to share with you:

  • Tampon, panty liner, pad or incontinence storage
  • Tampon only storage
  • Pantyliner/pad only storage

Many women use both tampons and panty liners (or pads), some just use one or the other, so I thought it would be helpful to break it down for you. Below are my top 10 creative ways to store these items. It’s up to you to pick the one(s) that work for you:

For both tampon and panty liner users, try these convenient and discreet ways of storing your feminine hygiene items:

1 In my opinion, the number one way to store small personal items is by utilizing mDesign’s storage drawers! There are so many varieties and colors that I’m sure you’ll find one that you’ll love. They fit every style, taste, and need.

For instance, this  2-drawer organizer has it all. There are 3-tiers of open storage that rest on 2 clear drawers. The open storage on top is great for holding panty liners and pads. Also, 3 smaller open compartments perfect for holding tampons snugly. Use the bottom drawers for storing extra tampons to ensure that you never run out! This organizer fits neatly under your bathroom sink or on the back of the toilet. They come in light pink, gray or white and are sure to match any décor.

For smaller storage spaces try an organizer with two clear drawers for discreet storage and two small, open compartments for easy accesses to tampons. It also has a flat surface, which makes it stackable and easily fits into cabinets.

2 If space is an issue, you might like this ingenious over the cabinet storage shelf. It is ideal for keeping personal items hidden away in cabinets and does not take up valuable under the sink storage space. It hangs over cabinet doors and conveniently holds both tampons and pads.

3 If you go through tampons faster than a speeding ticket, this deep bin is what you need. It can hold a whole weeks’ worth of tampons, no problem! Store this handy bin under your sink or in your linen closet. It is easy to transport with the built-in handles so you can store them in the closet when they are not needed.

4 If stacking stuff is your jam, then this lidded mDesign box is meant for you. I fill one with tampons and the other with panty liners, so I always know when I’m running low. These stackable boxes neatly store under the bathroom sink or on a closet shelf. Try using them for storing bras and panties as well!

5 Another great lidded bin is this one. These clear, stackable bins hold tampons and much, much more! You will want to get multiples of these handy boxes and use them for all your bathroom storage needs such as medicines, ointments, or cosmetics.

For tampons only:

6 This 3-compartment bin is perfect for all sizes of tampons. With 3 sections, you can store by size, depending on flow. When not in use, just stick them under the sink or put them in a drawer or on the shelf. To create custom organization, match them with other like bins in the same color.

7 For instance, these individual cups color coordinate with our other plastic storage bins and are ideal for small spaces, or if you want access to only a handful of tampons. They are the perfect sizes to keep for guests and are small enough to store in a drawer, cabinet, or on the bathroom sink counter.

8 If you are looking for something different or unique to store your tampons, look no further! mDesign has this adorable plated individual tampon holder that is decorative enough to keep out on your sink. Your guests will appreciate the thought!

Exclusively for your pads or pantyliners:

9 mDesign has this practical handle tote, with its two large divided sections, it is great for storing almost anything, including pads! These roomy compartments can hold pads of almost any size and for every kind of flow. When not use for personal care, they make awesome totes for all your bath and shower needs.

10 If you’re looking for streamlined and practical storage, you’ll love mDesign’s simple clear storage bin. It’s just one deep section that is perfect for your pads of any size. You can stack them vertically or horizontally depending on the room you need. Click the link below to see how one of our customers used this classic bin. Thank you @howneatco for sending us this great idea on how to use the bin for feminine hygiene storage!

Keeping the essentials stocked and stored with style

Now was that so bad? Each of these organizers is unique, fun, and functional, so which one(s) will choose? Why not pick them all! All of the above-mentioned items are great for storing personal care products, but you will also love how multifunctional they are. Try them in any room in your home! They are perfect for bathroom shelves, under-sink cabinets, cupboards and closets. They are great for college students.

Who said personal care had to be boring or hidden? Let’s get that clutter beneath your sink under control and embrace your femininity. Period!

Joyce Colovas is a content writer at mDesign
and an avid lover of all things fun and fabulous!

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Posted: Nov 19, 2019