Organizing Your Nail Polish

Organizing Your Nail Polish

Create an at-home retreat with these simple storage hacks

What is it about a fresh manicure that makes you feel like you have your life together? I am always jealous of women who keep up with their nails – I can barely keep up on clean clothes!

With all the celebrities posting every day about their new manicures, it’s expensive to keep up with the Joneses. If it were up to me, I would get my nails done every other week, at a salon, by myself - can we talk life goals? But I cannot afford to spend time or money at the nail salon that often, so creating a nail salon “retreat” in my home was a must. Plus, I bite my nails and pick at my cuticles, and I feel like I am judged every time I am at the salon. Just me? Okay...

I wanted something that was organized, modern and of course pretty. Something that could store all my go-to nail at-home hacks in one place that I could grab and go without having to hunt down the polish remover or cotton swabs. Let’s face it, if I must hunt things down, I’m not going to do it.

What are some of my must-haves when it comes to creating my own at-home nail spa?

  • Nail polish
  • Cuticle cutter
  • Nail file/buffer
  • Polish remover/cotton pads/cotton swabs
  • Toe separator
  • Pumice stone

Organizing tips

Divided Makeup Organizer Storage Canister with Lid

Whether you spent $2 or $20 on a bottle of polish, don’t ruin it before you use it for a second time. Nail polish needs to be stored upright and with this holder. Plus, with this rose gold color, you might need to redo your bathroom, am I right? mDESIGN TIP: paint the top of your polish lid with a small dot of color to easily find the color you want to paint. Or if you are like me, I always paint the same three colors in rotation but purchase other colors just because one day I might wear it?

Wide Plastic Vanity Makeup Storage Bin Box with Lid

On the go but still want to do your nails? Or clumsy and need something to just grab-and-go and not worry about spilling? Use this organizer with a lid to keep everything together from your nail polish to your cuticle cutter to your file. Plus, it is stackable so you can divide your nail polish up by color or tools! Grab two or 1,000. Your choice.

2-Tier Lazy Susan Turntable for Bathroom Storage

Tight on space? This 2-tier Lazy Susan organizer is perfect for keeping all your nail accessories organized and easily accessible. It has deep outer walls to ensure nothing spills over when spinning. It’s easy to find your favorite color polish or that toe separator when you are mid-swipe. Use this to neatly display all your accessories and not be afraid to show them off on the counter or neatly tucked away in a cabinet.

Plastic Bathroom Vanity Storage Organizer Cube Bin

When it comes to being able to organize your mani/pedi go-tos in a portable, convenient way – these stackable storage organizers are the best. With their built-in, cool blue handles this portable storage organizer is perfect for inside the bathroom cabinets or sitting out on your countertops. You can easily stack them, too.

48 Pocket Hanging Accessory, Jewelry Organizer

Once you are finished with those colors you ask yourself, why did I buy this bright pink? Pass them along to your kids or your friends’ kids. Kids love painting their nails with any color and with this over the door organizer your mom friends will thank you or send you the dry cleaning bill after one too many bottles have been spilled on the carpet : ).

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loves all things organization and cats. I’m one cat away from being a cat lady. MEOW!

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Posted: May 31, 2019