Organizing Your Basement Ideas

Organizing Your Basement Ideas

Ideas on How to Organize Your Basement

The Basement. The lower level of your home that generally serves as a multipurpose/multifunctional space. From decked-out man caves to wall to wall storage, the basement does it all. According to CNN Money, the average size of homes built last year hit 2,600 square feet, an all-time high that surpassed even the housing bubble years, when homes averaged around 2,400 square feet, according to the Census Bureau.

According to The Washington Post, 32% of dwelling places have basements. If you are one of the 32%, then I am addressing this blog to you!

Growing up, I lived a tiny bungalow home with my parents and seven siblings. When I say there was no privacy, I mean there was NO privacy! My father had the foresight to finish our basement, that is to say, he put up the paneling and added a tile floor. In any case, for all intent and purposes, it was a finished basement. With so many kids we most definitely needed to have somewhere to store all of our stuff, mostly the toys - ohhh the toys!

Unfortunately, there was never any purpose or specific organization we followed in our tiny basement and thus, there was the never-ending search for Barbie’s Stilettos.

  • Separate your stuff into six piles: Toys, books, anything round (all types of balls), games, donations, and trash
  • After everything is separated, bag your trash and dispose of it, removing it from your basement space
  • Bag or box your items to be donated and remove them from the basement
  • Have plenty of these mDesign storage items on hand:

Fabric Storage Table Organizer Unit Dresser Cabinet Plastic Divided Lazy Susan Turntable for Home Office Storage Tall Plastic Home Office Storage Desk Organizer Bin

Fabric Gift Wrap / Wrapping Paper Storage Organizer Box 3-Tier Metal and Fabric Garage Storage Cart Large Plastic Caddy Tote for Craft & Sewing Storage 2S

Let’s Get Organized.

mDesign’s unique Fabric Storage Table with Clear View Windows are ideal for wrangling mounds of toys, from Barbie clothes to plastic dinosaurs, these shelving system drawers are incredibly practical and equally fashionable! Get as many as you can of them because I am positive you will use them all!

The mDesign Plastic Lazy Susan is a must for your DIY basement do-over because it is the perfect tool to harness all your craft, school, home office, workstation items. If you have a table or desk in your basement you will want to keep these plastic bins within reach. It makes for quick and easier cleanup for when you want to store your writing utensils or small office supplies.

Our Tall Plastic Clear Bins are one of the most functional storage bins. They can be used for almost anything. Try storing magazines, books, notebooks, colored paper, DVD’s, video games, and other toys. They are essential when trying to control clutter. The clear bins allow you to see what’s inside and the open top makes items easy to reach. mDesign tip: these bins are also perfect in almost every room of your house. Try them in the kitchen, bath, and closet as well!

Our Fabric Gift Wrap Organizer is for more than holiday decorations. It is the perfect solution for convenient storage of all things holiday wrap. But they all so pull double duty by storing unused blankets and sheets. They can be hung on a hook in a closet or placed on shelving units, metal shelves, or under a bed/couch. They take advantage of unused flat or horizontal storage.

And last, but not least, is the 3-tier Storage Shelf. Line these up alongside an available wall to create a new storage area in your basement for anything that rolls. Balls of every sport and size will fit nicely on the bottom two shelves. They are also great for holding baseball bats, hockey sticks, and other log items. The deeper top shelf is great for wrangling smaller balls like baseballs. It is also great for holding crafting bins like our portable plastic totes. The handle allows for them to easily be transported to another destination. When you're done, just return them back to the shelf!

These storage solutions will turn that basement dumping ground into manageable storage space. Using mDesign's clear bins and window boxes for stored items, in place of those impractical cardboard boxes, is the beginning of a beautiful thing.

Shop the Look: Take advantage of unused wall space with this large organizer.

How do you stay organized? We’d love to hear your story!
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Posted: Jan 10, 2020