Organize Your Linen Closet

Organize Your Linen Closet

10 Must Have Products to Organize Your Linen Closet

As my husband and I move into our new “downsized” condominium, I have the joy and pleasure of experiencing new ways to organize our closets and storage spaces. Although we technically downsized, in some cases we have more room than we did in our previous home, however, that was not the case where closets are concerned. One thing that I really like about our new digs is that instead of having the typical standard linen closet, our new home has a combination of linen and clothes closet in one. Hmmm, how would I make that work?

This was a whole new concept for me and I really had to think about how to use this unique space to maximize storage. The result was simply wonderful! I could not believe how much I was able to pack into this closet space. At first, I thought that the wardrobe bar was a waste of space. I even contemplated removing it altogether (I know, who wants less wardrobe space?) and replacing it with regular shelving. I’m so glad I decided to work with what I already had and take advantage of these closet organization ideas. It not only saved me tons of money, but it created a really unique space for me to use.

Below are the mDesign items that I used to create this space. I will also layout a step-by-step design plan so that you can follow along through the process. Now, of course, you probably do not have the same closet layout that I have, but that’s what is so cool, you can create exceptional spaces with what you currently have in your home.

Here was our plan of attack:

Collapsible Fabric Laundry Hamper Basket

1 Hanging closet organizers

use these to store towels and toilet paper along with other frequently used items

2  Matching hamper

Stick this in the corner of your closet. Pick one that matches the hanging closet organizer for a cohesive look

Metal Wire Shelf Divider & Separator, Closet Storage

3 Shelf dividers

use them to create linear space between stacks of towels/beach towels. You’ll love the look!

4 Aldo drawer

Store spare sheet sets and pillowcases. The drawer will keep them neat and clean for when you are ready to use them

Square Plastic Tumbler Cup for Bathroom Vanity

5 Apothecary jars

Use for cotton balls, Q-tips, and nail files

6 Square tumblers

Use for makeup brushes, hair scissors, and other sharp, smaller items

4 Tier Cosmetic, Nail Polish Storage Holder Rack

7 Nail polish organizer

This cool looking organizer is great for harnessing random bottles of nail polish. No more digging in a big box, every color is neatly displayed

8 Large plastic lidded box

Store all of your medicines and bandages in the big container to keep them in one place. Then if you need to move the box the contents will remain contained

Bamboo Bathroom Storage Organizer Bin, Toilet Tank Tray

9 Wood boxes

I put nail polish remover, lotions and bath bombs in these neat little containers that are also beautiful!

10 Seagrass baskets

Great for storing toothpaste, deodorant, and unopened bottles of shampoo

The mixture of wood, seagrass, and canvas adds an eclectic, yet cohesive look to your closet. Your closet will look so awesome that you will actually want guests to peek inside!

Shop the Look: Need more ideas to organize your linen closet? Try adding metal wire baskets, decorative woven baskets, lazy susan turntables, and stylish canister jars.

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Posted: Sep 19, 2019