Office Organization with construction2style

Office Organization with construction2style

Keeping an organized office, whether at home or at work, can help reduce stress and distractions while increasing productivity. Morgan Molitor from construction2style walks us through her process and 10 tips for a more productive environment.

We recently did a little refresh, and we called in the troops from Style + Dwell and mDesign to help us bring this space together and get it organized the right way. And we couldn’t be happier!!

And best of all, we are already feeling so much more productive being in a much more organized space. Less mess to muddle through means less time it takes to get jobs done. So not only are we sharing our latest refresh with ya guys, but we’re also going to walk you through our office organizing tips and tricks that we learned through these wonderful teams to make for a more productive day!

Declutter: Our first recommendation when it comes to getting your spaced cleaned up is to purge your office and get rid of all the stuff!

Create a Space that Reflects & Inspires YOU: When thinking about your office space, you want to create a space that reflects you! A space that makes you happy, gives you life, and gets those creative juices flowing.

Clear off Your Desk: Another big and simple thing that we often forget to do, clear off your desk! Our desks were piling high and we didn’t even realize it.

Gather & Redistribute: As you can see, our samples needed a bit of organizing! And the team at Style + Dwell took care of that for us! I asked them what they did, where they even started and their best advice and they said…

Create Zones: The other big thing we did was to create work, play, and storage zones. Before bringing Style + Dwell in and mDesign, we had everything flowing from one room to the other. We didn’t have designated zones for anything. So we officially decided to create our sample room, our office room, and keep the main area to client meetings, which you know requires a coffee station, wine bar, and some quick and easy samples to pull down! Now each square foot of our office has a zone.

Invest in the Right Storage: This was a big one that I knew we needed to do, but never took the time to do my research and bite the bullet and buy! Yet again, thanks to Style + Dwell and mDesign, they took good care of us and took all of this off our hands.

Baskets are Key: Our favorite thing about basket storage containers is that you can easily quickly pull out, grab and go! And they look pretty great styled on any shelf, floor, or cabinetry.

Plastic Divided Lazy Susan Turntable for Home Office Storage

Natural Woven Storage Cube Basket Bins - Hyacinth

Don’t Overload with Knick Knacks: This is a big one that you probably don’t realize, but keep in mind, the more stuff I have, the more stress it causes me… One of the easiest things you can do is get rid of the knick-knacks, and things that don’t have a purpose in your professional life.

Add a Peg Board: Peg Boards are such an easy way to keep things off of your desk, organized and also fun way to add some inspo such as with quotes, pictures, and printables.

Be Comfortable, But Not too Comfortable: On top of creating a space that you love and inspires you, you need to remember that you want it to be comfortable to stay productive! But not too comfy. One of the favorite things we invested in was our mauve comfy chairs. Not only do they make Jordan and I so happy to see them every day, but they’re pretty comfy too!

This blog as been abridged and reposted with permission from contruction2style. Read the full article  here.

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Posted: Jan 8, 2020