New Year, New Closet Make-Over

New Year, New Closet Make-Over

Out with the old, in with the new closet organization

New year, new you. Right? We hear this phrase constantly once January 1 hits. But what does that mean to you? For me, it means I (attempt to) diet, get my priorities straight, and make a physical list of goals and aspirations for the year.

There’s something about the changing of a few numbers in the date and a shiny ball dropping in Times Square that inspires people to get their lives together… well maybe until February, that is. Inevitably, we tend to fall back into some old habits at one point or another, don’t we? There is at least one thing you can change in the new year that can and will hang on throughout the year and beyond: your closet.

Let’s face it, we probably all have loads of clothes in our closets, in our drawers, and thrown on a shelf that we haven’t worn in years – if ever! I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of buying things, only to find out later that I’ve never even taken the tag off or forgot I bought it all together! A perk to giving your closet a make-over? Finding these hidden gems and getting rid of the things you never wear anymore. Not to mention all the clothes you’re likely to have accumulated as gifts after the holidays. Out with the old – in with the new.

Once you’ve cleaned out your closet and sorted through the items that don’t fit you anymore, will fit you once you lose that holiday weight, or you’re planning to donate, you can really have fun organizing your ‘new’ closet.

I suggest choosing a method to your madness. Simply hanging up your clothes or putting them back into drawers with no specific plan or organization sort of defeats the purpose. Yes, you may have gotten rid of unwanted or unused clothing items, but you didn’t change anything about the way your closet functions.

Here are five steps to get you started:

  1. Try sorting your things by season, color, or occasion – or even a mixture of all three! i.e., orange, special occasion, fall clothes.
  2. Items like socks, underwear, other undergarments, and bathing suits should receive their section as well, so separate them out while you’re at it.
  3. Do you know those little extra buttons in the tiny bags that come attached to new clothes? If you’re a big ‘what if’ person as I am, you keep them, even though I have never once in my life had to use one. But hey – these need a spot too, so set these aside and we’ll get to them later.
  4. Go through any boxes of miscellaneous objects or items you’ve been saving. Especially those hidden away boxes from your glory days where their sentimental value has worn off at this point – you’re 25, it’s time to get rid of that movie ticket from that one date with that one person… what even was his name again? Moving on…
  5. Shoes are a hard item to part with, but trust me, those old chucks that you don’t even remember what color they were to begin with, aren’t going to have hurt feelings if you toss them in the trash. Your feet will thank you.

After a thorough dusting and vacuuming, you’re ready to get started! Eek!.

Multi-Tier Fabric Shoe Rack Floor Stand Storage Metal Wire Shelf Divider & Separator for Closet Storage

Fabric - Closet and Dresser Drawer Storage Organizer With Lid Soft Closet Fabric Cube Storage Bin Closet Organizer

Everyone’s closet is set up differently. The number of shelves and storage racks will vary, but following some easy general storage solution tips will go a long way to maximize the space you do have.

For your tops, pants, skirts, dresses, etc., after you’ve organized them into whatever sorting method you’ve chosen, hang them in order on your closet rods. Matching hangers are always a cute way to spruce up the area, too! Try hanging pants on shirt hangers, folded in half and in half again. This will prevent them from either hanging on the floor or hanging down below your other shelves if your closet is set up this way.

When it comes to more delicate items and bathing suits, try putting them into some mDesign storage bins with windows. The window makes it easy to see what’s inside when you’re sleepily trying to find your essentials in the morning, but the rest of the box is concealed enough to keep those private items, well, private. The bin has a small tab for you to pull down and slide the window open, providing access to the contents inside. These storage bins come in small, medium, and large so you can fit them into any size closet and shelf.

Soft Closet Fabric Cube Storage Bin Closet Organizer

For the standard-opening lid that swings up from the top, still with the window feature, these lidded storage boxes come in all different colors and sizes to fit your needs and your space as well.

Shoes can be a really tricky to store. They’re all different and you don’t want them touching other items, as they aren’t exactly the cleanest item in your wardrobe. Hanging shoe organizers from mDesign are space-efficient and clean. A grip strip at the top wraps around to hang from your closet rod and 20 compartments should be more than enough for your shoes! (Unless you’re me and have about 30 pairs for each season… guilty…) If you need more space, hang them side by side to create one large unit.

If you’re more of a floor standing organizer type of gal, mDesign has those, too! Each of the 12 cubbies in the tall grid shoe cubby can hold either one or two shoes. This design also comes in a wide style, having 16 compartments, it just depends on what level of shoe addict you are!

Multi-Tier Fabric Shoe Rack Floor Stand Storage

Shelving in closets is great because they give you some extra space for the things that don’t need to be hung but you still want them stored in your closet. I find myself putting items such as sweatshirts, gym shorts, or pajama sets on these shelves between my hanging clothes.

On the highest shelf, or the dust collector as I like to call it, there is tons of unused and wasted space. What a shame! Let’s make the most of that space with some shelf dividers with an added shelf! The shelf snaps into place on the existing rungs. The bottom section is perfect for those old yearbooks you’re holding onto, out of season clothes, or your favorite hoodies. The top section can hold bins, boxes, additional clothing, and accessories.

Whatever you use it for, you have double the space to do it. As many of these as you want can be placed side by side to really make the most of your closet space.

Aside from shelves, racks, or rods, you may have drawers or a dresser inside your closet as well. Drawers can get messy – and I mean MESSY – quick. Digging through my drawers looking for a pair of socks when I’m running late is the last thing I need! I swear, unless these items are properly organized, I’d think I didn’t own half the items I bought, and they got swallowed up into oblivion.

This makes mDesign’s drawer organizers a great solution. The four-compartment organizers hold bras, socks, and/or underwear neatly and clearly separated from one another. Nine- and 12-compartment organizers have evenly sized slots for ties, scarves, and other delicates/small accessories like those extra buttons you’ve been saving in case of a button crisis.

Fabric - Closet and Dresser Drawer Storage Organizer With Lid

The best part? They have LIDS! Not only does it keep your items sealed off, but it also prevents drawers from being difficult to open or close if you have stuffed as much as possible into them. The lids are clear on top, so you can see what’s inside before opening them, saving you a lot of digging around time.

You’ve got your clothes hung, your accessories sorted and contained, your random keepsakes and miscellaneous objects neatly stacked and organized. Ahhh, now how good does that feel?! Getting dressed in the morning and putting away laundry will be a part of your day/week that you will look forward to with a clean, good looking closet like yours.

Clean, donate, and organize. Boom. New year, new closet. 2020 didn’t see that one coming.

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Posted: Dec 27, 2019