National Handbag Day: October 10, 2020

National Handbag Day: October 10, 2020

Celebrate with mDesign’s Trends and Tips!

As with any fashion trend, purses and bags are no exception to the ebb and flow of styles. From the runway, to influencers, to celebrities alike, there’s no denying the massive impact the handbag has on an outfit and someone’s status.

In honor of National Handbag Day 2020, I thought we could go through some of this year’s latest fashion in purse trends and easy ways to store them!

While not all of us can afford a $140,000 designer handbag like some celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, we can still be fashion-forward and trendy with the following list of popular bags from 2020.

1 One look that took social media by storm, was the crossbody fanny pack. While I myself have not had the guts to try such a bold look, it is an easy style to achieve without spending hundreds of dollars.

What’s ironic about this trend, is that the fanny pack historically was sort of a joke. A nod to the 90’s and early 2000’s parents, taking their kids on trips to Disney with their new shiny white sneakers, fanny pack strapped to their waist full of emergency items like Chapstick, Band-Aids, and snacks.

Instead, this item has now been worn across the body diagonally and used to hold everyday practical items like cell phones, lipstick, and money. Not only has this item made a comeback, but it’s being worn by millennials and young adults, vs. the original wearers, the over-prepared parent.

The best part? If this is a look you’re ready to give a try yourself, fanny packs are not hard to find. While they have started popping up in various styles, colors, and price ranges, simplicity is always in style. Find a solid color fanny pack, take red for example, and add it to any outfit to give it a pop of color!

Once you get your collection of trendy bags – or fanny packs – started, you’ll want to organize them at home so you’re ready to grab one to complete your outfit as you head out the door! mDesign’s 6-hook handbag holder has plenty of space for your handbag collection while displaying them beautifully!

6 Hook Hanging Handbag Purse & Accessory Holder

2 Another interesting take on purse fashion that has been seen this year is the tiny purse trend! That’s right, tiny! At one point, I remember the bigger the purse, the better; a real statement piece. Now, the more subtle the purse, the more fashionable you are.

While the convenience of space for holding your things in a tiny purse may not be there, sometimes you have to sacrifice function for fashion!

Some of these little accessories are astronomically priced, considering the scale of the item. But there are plenty of very affordable sites that offer a tiny purse selection for as little as $8.00! And let’s be honest, when you’re carrying an item that tiny, who would be able to tell the difference?!

For organizing and storing your tiny purses, an over door hanging storage rack is the perfect solution. They’re out of the way but offer easy access when you’re in the mood to add a miniature accessory to your outfit!

Extra-Long 2 Hook Metal Over Door Hanging Storage Rack for Handbag Purses.

3 Something that never goes out of style is sustainability. A sustainable resource that creates beautiful bags? Bamboo!

Bamboo has really taken over the world of retail in many different avenues, including purses. A big trend I’ve been seeing influencers and fashion icons sporting on their arm is the bamboo handle purse.

These bags are stylish, versatile, and durable. It adds a natural, unique touch to an otherwise bland bag. They also give you a firm grip on your purse that won’t wear over time. They look adorable in your hand, on your shoulder, or tucked into the nook of your elbow.

mDesign gets it, as we offer a large selection of bamboo organizers for throughout the home!

Bamboo 4-Drawer Dresser Table Organizer Unit for Closet Storage

4 Whether it’s by choice or design, the clear bag has really made a boom on the scene over the last year. Many sporting events, concerts, etc. require attendees to carry a clear bag, making security searches quicker and easier. So, why not make it fashion?

Again, these are very affordable and easily attainable. It seems like the see-through trend has spread to the likes of shoes and even clothing items if you dare! But, if you want to start somewhere easy and more realistic, a clear purse is the place to start. I’ve seen these the most in the crossbody style with a hard plastic shell.

This makes it easy to keep your items protected, easily accessible while following compliance guidelines at your favorite events!

mDesign’s hanging handbag holder easily slips over your closet rods and includes hooks on both sides of the organizer to maximize your purse storage inside your closet. Multiple hooks provide plenty of storage space for all of your handbags, clear, tiny, or fanny (packs)!

Metal Hanging Handbag & Accessory Holder for Closet Rod

Even if you decide not to venture out to the world of high fashion and try out one of these 2020 purse trends for National Handbag Day, we all have a collection that could use some tidying up. Try something new, bring back out something old, or revamp your purse organization. No matter how you do it, mDesign is here to help you through it!

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Posted: Oct 9, 2020