Must Have Beauty Mirror

Must Have Beauty Mirror

Get That Perfect Makeup Application With This Light up Vanity Mirror!

It’s hard enough to get yourself together each morning, but the worst thing is leaving your bathroom thinking you look gorge, only to catch yourself in the rearview mirror of your car and look like a complete not blended properly, troll? It has happened to the best of us. I remember, back in my youth, someone told me the best way to look at yourself was in the bathroom, with natural light and definitely not in your car. If you’re like me, you need all the help you can get when it comes to getting your life together in the mornings.

Have no fear – this new LED Light-Up Vanity Mirror has helped make my morning blending hassle-free. Why do we love this mirror? Here are the deets:


There are 4 long-lasting energy-efficient LED light bulbs that won’t burn out or diminish, even after a year of use. Yes, you read that correctly – 1 YEAR

With the circular lighting, it eliminates any shadows, so you always have even, clear lighting.

A lighting color temperature (5800K) mimics natural sunlight so you know you have everything on your face perfect.

Oh, did I mention that this light DETECTS when you are close so they just turn-on? Don’t forget that it will turn off too when you walk away. No need to think to yourself if you turned it off like your straightener. Who needs a boyfriend, amirite?


This compact mirror is light-weight and has batteries so you can take it anywhere – you’ll want to bring this little guy on every vacation, I promise!

You can plug it in to charge it by a wall adapter, computer, or other USB power source.

Don’t need bulky cords on the counter so you can leave it out 24/7.

Size & Colors

The mirror itself is 8.25” tall and the whole mirror stands approximately 15” high.

Comes in 7 finishes to match any bathroom décor seamlessly.

Tilt the mirror and adjust to the best angle.

3x Magnifying lighted makeup mirror so you’ll see every pore!

Run, don’t walk – OK – Add to cart, this makeup vanity mirror right now before they are gone!

Sensor Beauty Mirror Features

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Posted: Jul 26, 2019