Makeup Storage for Maximum Glam and Minimum Fuss

Makeup Storage for Maximum Glam and Minimum Fuss

10 Organizing Solutions for All Your Makeup

Remember the Avon Lady? She was usually a friend of your mom’s or a neighbor a few doors down. She’d stop by with the Avon brochure and your mom would pick out a few lipsticks, some matching nail polish, and that bath oil that doubled as insect repellent. In a week or two, the Avon Lady would drop off a bag of beauty booty, with a mini lipstick sample tossed in as a treat for you.

That’s how we used to buy makeup — door-to-door or department store — until the French beauty company Sephora changed everything. Before Sephora, makeup was locked away in department store display cases or sealed in tamper-proof drug store packaging. There was little or no interaction with the product; all you could do was look at color swatches and hope for the best. Sephora launched in 1970 with one store in Paris. Its first American store opened in 1998 and transformed the way we shop for beauty products.

Sephora made the cosmetics counter accessible. They artfully arranged a cornucopia of beauty brands and encouraged shoppers to experiment with testers and free samples. No more blind buys, snooty salespeople, or catalog orders; Sephora turned shopping for beauty products into a hassle-free, sensory experience — one where customers could see the selection of eyeshadows or feel the texture of translucent powders. With other cosmetics chains like Ulta and Blue Mercury following Sephora’s lead, consumers have come to expect purchasing makeup to be a fun, indulgent experience.

That experience doesn’t have to stop once you get home. Organizing your beauty products is like creating your own personal cosmetics counter — one where you can see what you have and find what you need with ease. Say buh-bye to overstuffed makeup bags, cluttered counters, and shattered eye shadow palettes and say hello to organizing solutions that let you store your makeup like a pro.

Start with a product purge. Toss that foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone or that green lipstick that makes you look jaundiced. Once you get rid of the products you never should have bought, it’s time to ditch your expired makeup. That’s right, makeup has an expiration date and, while you may want to hold on to that discontinued Nars blush that makes your skin look so amazing, it’s better to throw it out. When makeup is old, the colors fade and textures become dry and crumbly. Or worse, expired makeup can harbor bacteria that cause breakouts, irritation, and infections.

Here’s a handy guide for how often you should replace makeup:

  • Mascara – every three months
  • Lipsticks – every year
  • Eyeliner – every three to six months (pencils last longer than liquid)
  • Foundation and Primers – every two years
  • Blush, Eyeshadow, Bronzer – every two years
  • Lashes – after three to seven wears

Sidebar: False eyelashes are enjoying a surprising comeback since their 60’s heyday. The intensely dramatic look of mile-long lashes — previously reserved for Halloween and drag queens — is now de rigueur. Here are some tips to help you get the most out your falsies:

  • Skip the mascara to avoid gunky build-up
  • Clean with cotton swab and makeup remover
  • Store in original packaging to maintain lashes’ natural curvature

Now that you’ve sorted and purged your makeup, let’s look at some storage solutions that’ll turn wherever you keep your cosmetics into a serious beauty station.


Spinners, also called Lazy Susans, are a makeup lover’s dream. The key feature is revolving storage. It means no makeup is out of reach or facing a wall. With a flick of the wrist, the spinner rotates and what you’re looking for is right in front of you. And because it turns on smooth-gliding ball bearings, you get an easy spin every time.

These clear, plastic spinners make it easy to find what you’re looking for and see what you need to replace or clean. mDesign’s two-tiered makeup turntable utilizes vertical space, which virtually doubles how much makeup you can store. You can organize makeup by category with this 9-section Lazy Susan; its generous center compartment is perfect for storing brushes, lip liners, and eye pencils.

Modular Storage

You carefully curate your makeup collection so that it’s tailor-made for your specific beauty needs — shouldn’t your makeup storage be custom-made for you, too? Modular makeup storage lets you create organizing solutions that are unique to your needs, instead of you having to adjust to some cookie-cutter cosmetics carry-all.

mDesign’s Stackable Makeup Organizers are made of durable plastic with a faux marble design that adds an elegant touch to your countertop or vanity. Start with a sturdy base of wide drawers and then stack smaller units on top. Place this 4 Compartment Organizer next to your modular system. It’s great for storing nail polish, eye shadow palettes, or any beauty products you want to keep in a portable container. Slide this 15-slot makeup brush organizer in the mix, so you never have to look for your blush brush again.

Clear Organizers

Transparency is everything. That’s why clear organizers are always in demand. This 3-drawer cosmetics organizer is designed to ensure clutter-free countertops. The drawers and dividers keep makeup arranged the way you want it, while the clear plastic lets you see what’s inside. No more dumping everything on the counter in search of your favorite kohl eye liner — find what you need in an instant.

Drawer Organizers

No one needs to know how many shades of red lipstick you have; that’s why drawers are the ultimate in discreet makeup storage. For shallow drawers, try mDesign’s expandable makeup organizer. Its seven compartments separate cosmetic essentials and streamline drawers. There’s no complicated installation, just expand the tray horizontally for a perfect fit.

For deeper drawers, use these stackable drawer organizers. Whether you’re storing makeup or skin care, these bins keep products securely contained. They come in several sizes, so you can mix and match for the perfect configuration. The chic rose gold trim adds extra sparkle every time you open your expertly organized drawer.

See, organizing your cosmetics doesn’t have to be a mundane chore. Makeup storage solutions can be as creative and personal as makeup itself. With the tips and products featured here, you’re well on your way to making your glam zone look as beautiful as you do.

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Lisa Langford is the Senior Copywriter at mDesign

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Posted: Aug 19, 2021