Lazy Susan Uses

Lazy Susan Uses

Several Ways to Use This Versatile Turntable

Ever wonder who coined the term “Lazy Susan?” There are unverified theories that claim either Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Edison invented the device, but there is no concrete evidence to back it up.

The earliest written appearance of “Lazy Susan” appeared in a 1917 Vanity Fair ad for a “Revolving Server or Lazy Susan” made by Ovington. The mahogany model sold for $8.50 and was marketed as “An impossibly low wage for a good servant and the cleverest waitress in the world.” Check it out here: First Lazy Susan.

More than a century later, the Lazy Susan is still one of the most popular household items. It’s very versatile and can help solve for storage solutions throughout every room in the home.

Let’s start by looking at each room.


This is the place that is most often associated with Lazy Susans and for good reason. You probably have lots of round “things” in the area – condiments, bottles, spices, baking powder, etc… IF you’re going to start somewhere this is the perfect place!

A Kitchen Pantry Lazy Susan Turntable Storage Organizer is perfect for organizing salad dressing and condiments in the fridge. With the high outer wall, these keep items that are a bit larger safe when spinning. We love this in the fridge because it gets the items that you use regularly but not every day, easily reachable. Don’t stop there, you can use it for baby foods, dips, creamers/milk, or yogurts.

Pantry / Cabinets

Plastic Kitchen Pantry Lazy Susan Turntable Storage

Spices Oil/Vinegar Beverages
Whether you’re a novice or expert chef, odds are you have an assortment of spices in your kitchen. When you’re cooking or meal planning, you want to check and make sure you have that certain spice. This 2-Tiered Spice Rack is perfect to organize all the different shapes that spices come in With all the different types of oils and vinegar out there, if you’re like me you have several to choose from. Organize the assortment with a Plastic Kitchen Pantry Lazy Susan Turntable with five sections. It’s perfect for compartmentalizing all the different types while keeping them all together without knocking them all over! Drinks that need to stay cold can be stored in the refrigerator Lazy Susan. Place beverages that don’t need to stay cool in the same storage container in the pantry or on the countertop. This is perfect to take out and place on a beverage table for a party!
Baking Supplies Corner Cabinets Under the Sink
There are a lot of items that you need when baking: sprinkles, vanilla, flour, cupcake holders, spices, baking soda/powder. Creating a destination for them in your cabinets or pantry will help you stay on top of your baking game. If you already have built-in Lazy Susans due to corner cabinets don’t worry – there is a perfect solution for you. Get yourself some divided corner bins that fit perfectly together to make a circle. Tired of blindly reaching under your sink looking for disinfectant wipes or dish soap? Keep all your cleaning supplies together and bring some calm to that under the sink mess.


When it comes to laundry room storage solutions you might not think of adding a Lazy Susan to your arsenal but once you do, you’ll be so happy you did.

Adding a larger rotating Lazy Susan will help keep the laundry detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets organized together so they’re easily accessible.


Lazy Susan Turntable for Craft/Art Supplies Storage

Who doesn’t love crafts? Well, a lot of people don’t craft but you might have small kids or a hobby that you want to keep organized. Ideas for this turntable include sewing station, coloring station, paint, glitter or even sticker storage.

Using a Lazy Susan to keep pens, markers, tape, scissors or small supplies in your office organized will help your whole family know where everything is when needed.


If you have ever had a kid or have a friend with a kid – you know there is a lot that goes along with babies. SO. MUCH. STUFF. To keep your sanity, create a baby station with lotions, soaps, wipes or diapers so you can easily grab-and-go! You can even use this in the pantry to help store snacks, baby food, or formula. mDESIGN TIP - We have lots of different colors to match any baby’s room and these are perfect to put on your baby registry!


Need help organizing your bathroom or hall closet that has gotten out of hand? Getting these spaces under control with the help of a few smart Lazy Susan ideas will bring the joy back to these spaces. Look at all these solutions:

Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable for Bathroom Storage Deep Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable Storage with Handles Portable Lazy Susan Turntable for Bathroom Storage

Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable Storage Portable Lazy Susan Turntable for Bathroom Storage Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable Spinner Tray for Bathroom Storage

Shop the Look: The 2 Tier spinner is perfect to create extra vertical space.

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Posted: Aug 9, 2019