It's National Checklist Day!

It's National Checklist Day!

In Honor of Today - Use This Handy Holiday Checklist!

In honor of National Checklist Day, I took the liberty of creating for you a printable, Thanksgiving holiday checklist. If you are hoping to be the hostess with the mostest this Thanksgiving, you will not want to be without the invaluable checklist to help you cover all of your bases. This convenient and helpful to-do list will help you prepare for the biggest food day of the year, Thanksgiving.

Every great party starts with the essential checklist. They not only help keep us on track in regard to tasks and spending but once completed, they give us a sense of accomplishment. But most importantly, they provide chronological reminders so that we don’t miss any important details of our party planning.

The list I have provided has several links that you can click on that will redirect you to additional information about that product or task. The purpose of the links is to provide you with additional inspiration. Now, just print the form, then grab a pencil and a cup of coffee and let’s get started! Don’t forget, once you have crossed off most of your “to-dos,” celebrate the victory by treating yourself to a mani/pedi. Well, maybe that’s just my thing, but I don’t need to move mountains in order to feel I deserve them. Seriously, feeling great about your accomplishments does deserve a pat on the back, so treat yourself to whatever it is that you love.

Okay, let’s get started! I consider myself somewhat of a party-planning expert; mostly because I come from a huge Italian family where every Sunday dinner served no less than 50 people! I literally can plan a party for up to one hundred people without even breaking a sweat. Therefore, I thought I would share my secret to all things party planning, the invaluable checklist. I have provided for you below the chronologic order of tasks that I think are most important when planning a Thanksgiving dinner. However, you may want to rearrange the order of tasks to what suits you. Remember, this is just a template to guide you and get you started. Feel free to change or fill in anything else you think you will need to do. For example, I have a dog, and before a big party like Thanksgiving, I like to take her to be groomed. If that’s the case for you, add “grooming” to your to-do list

Two Weeks Before One Week Before
  • Clean carpets
  • Prepare decorations
  • Send invitations
  • Organize Pantry
  • Buy paper products
  • Create the menu
1-2 Days Before Thanksgiving Day
  • Prepare turkey
  • Set the table
  • Greet guests
  • Enjoy the party!
  • Chill drinks

Click here to download these free printable checklists.

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Posted: Oct 30, 2019