Home Office and Homework Stations

Home Office and Homework Stations

The best ways to add style and stay organized so you can focus on work

The carefree days of summer and vacations are coming to a close. Heading back to school and returning to work is on the horizon. While the COVID-19 pandemic still has many of us carrying out our everyday tasks remotely and virtually, it’s essential to make sure our offices or homework stations are organized and ready to go! Parents may be sharing their space with kids completing projects and assignments, while older students venturing back to campus need to make efficient use of a small dorm room. Have fun and increase productivity by totally customizing your look. Earlier this summer here at mDesign, we discussed some helpful tips to sort and optimize your office. Now, let’s talk about all the best ways to upgrade your décor so you can be your most productive self come fall!

1 Desk Space

The focal point of any office is of course, the desk. Keeping the hub of this room organized is the key to proficiency. If you’re in the market for a new desk, this industrial style desk is just what you need. The wood and metal design is sleek and simple, providing a solid surface for computers, books, notes, supplies, and more. Store smaller essentials such as pens, highlighters, paperclips, and a stapler in the single drawer.

2 Shelving

Shelves boast more than style, they also incorporate function into any work environment. Whether standing or wall-mounted and floating, shelves hold anything you need throughout the day. Display personal items such as photos or plants and floral arrangements, or sort necessities like important files, notebooks, and magazines.

3 Rolling Carts/Trolleys

A storage cart is another form of shelving that is convenient and portable. Display this trolley next to your desk to hold small items such as stationery, mail, business cards, printer paper, and notebooks. Carts sit on 4 rotating wheels and easily move from room-to-room as needed.

4 Accent & End Tables

Surface space is important in an office or homework station. Accent and end tables provide extra storage and add style to your décor. Available in metal, wood, or with removable fabric drawers, these tables are great for lamps, glasses, cell phones, or an alarm clock.

5 Storage Accessories

Put the finishing touches on your work-from-home retreat with accessories that keep clutter to a minimum. Bins, boxes with labels, drawer dividers, and turn tables hold important items and can be placed on top of your desk or inside drawers, displayed along shelves, or stored in closets so that you can keep all of your work necessities nearby.

Whether you’re repurposing a small room, sharing a workspace with your partner or kiddos, or dividing a room among more compact quarters such as a studio apartment or dorm room, there are plenty of ways to get creative. Complement your décor and storage with finishing touches like wall art or plants stands with greenery for the perfect soothing ambiance. Take on an effortless end-of-summer project and transform your homework station or office into a cozy, stylish, and functional nook that inspires productivity and innovation.

Elizabeth DeAmicis is an SEO Copywriter at mDesign

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Posted: Aug 10, 2021