Halloween Costume Storage

Halloween Costume Storage

Store and Organize Halloween Costumes with Ease

When I lived at home with my parents, they just had a huge bin in the basement with all our Halloween costumes in it. No organization, no way to know what was in there besides taking everything out. Now, as a parent, I am trying not to pull my hair out with all the dress-up clothes I have for my three-year-old daughter. Tis’ the season to start thinking about a storage solution for all those Halloween/Dress-up costumes!

There are two types of storage that need to happen here. Everyday play costumes and Halloween costumes. Let’s take a look at Halloween first.


Halloween Costume Storage Solutions

There are several ways you can store and organize.
1) By adult/kid
2) Categories (think princess, superhero, animal, professional, etc.)
3) Parts and Pieces (think wigs, dresses, accessories, etc.)
Pick the one that works best for you and your family.

Start by organizing all the parts of the costumes. Next, figure out what your storage space allows and get several different bins. My favorite hack is getting a large storage bin from one of the big box retailers and using smaller bins to keep everything organized.

Use storage boxes with clear windows to see what you have stored quickly and easily. I love these types of boxes because if you put them on a shelf, you don’t have to take them down to see what is inside. I also have terrible handwriting, so adding a label that I need to write isn’t the prettiest!

Use clear bins with lids to stack and store items that have smaller accessories that go with them. This is great for Halloween makeup, small accessories, or anything else that comes with costumes. It’s the worst when lose important pieces of a costume!


Grab yourself a jewelry organizer for all that costume jewelry that has no home. I know I buy all that stuff at the store because I think I’ll wear it when the time comes, but it’s small and gets lost in the shuffle of storage. Now, you can have them all organized and ready to wear when you are!


Everyday Dress-Up Storage Solutions

As a mother of a spirited young daughter, the dress-up clothes I have are endless. This goes way beyond Halloween. These sit out all year and inevitably make a mess. Again, I use the same organization for Halloween costumes for my daughter’s everyday dress-up costumes but with some simple twists.


Since these are out and about in our playroom, living room, bedroom, and everywhere else she plays, storing in plain sight is the name of the game. If you have a dedicated playroom, why not put these on display?

Making a dedicated dress-up area will not only help calm the chaos, but it will give everything a home and in theory, help your kids with clean up time – if you’re lucky!

How do you accomplish this, you ask? You don’t know how to achieve those Pinterest-worthy looks? Super easy, my dear… Use a wall mount basket with hooks. Simply hang and voila! You can store dresses, accessories, or anything else that you have laying around for play time.

Add some shoe storage on the bottom and you have yourself a perfectly styled dress-up area for your kiddos. Not into that idea? Rethink our entryway storage units as a dress-up area. No need to hang things on the wall! There are storage benches, hooks, or baskets that you already have all in one unit.

Also, getting a woven basket is an easy way to dump all those tiny little pieces into one area. Why do they have to come with 1000 pieces? I have rings, necklaces, and plastic earrings scattered throughout my living room. Stepping on a Lego is no match for a plastic ring!

Open weave hyacinth storage basket for toy and accessories storage

Whichever solution you go with, customize it for your family’s needs. Have fun and mix and match different styles. All of our bins have multiple variations and colors to choose from, so coordinating storage for each need is so easy and fun for you and your children!

Costumes may not work in place of a face mask. Make sure to follow all the CDC guidelines when dressing up.

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Posted: Oct 19, 2020