Hair Accessory Organization Tips

Hair Accessory Organization Tips

Give your tools and accessories a home with these organizing ideas

Brushes, blow dryers, curling irons, curling wands, diffusers, concentrators, straighteners, oof! The list goes on. Styling sprays, hair masks, heat protectors. Clips, barrettes, headbands, hair ties, bobby pins…. I could do this all day!

On top of cosmetics and other skincare products that are already taking up most of my bathroom counter, shelf, and vanity space, now I have to figure out where to put all of my hair products, too? You’ve got to be kidding me! It’s no small feat fitting all of my everyday products into a confined space and being able to still easily view/access them.

I previously have been throwing my straightener, curling wand, blow dryer and brush under my vanity in no particular organized fashion. I have my nail polish remover, a messy bag of nail polish bottles, extra soaps, travel kits, razors, feminine products, and toilet paper all just scattered throughout. For some, this may be organized chaos, as every item does have their “spot”, but to me, this is just pure chaos! Especially when cords start getting tangled… don’t get me started on the morning frustration that causes.

It seems overwhelming to get all these hair accessories organized in their own bins/holders, but once you get started it is so relieving to know everything has its place. The peace of mind of never having to spend time untangling or frantically searching for that last razor you just know is in there somewhere when you’re in a pinch.

I’m all about simplifying every and any part of my day, whenever possible. The world of home organization has come a long way over the years, and DIY-ers/life hack experts have opened a whole new realm of what it means to be organized even on a budget. There are so many ways to use organizers and it never hurts to get a little creative!

Here are some of my favorite ways
to organize the mess both above and below my bathroom sink to organize all my must-have hair accessories.

Hair tool racks come in varying numbers of compartments to hold blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons/wands, and brushes. Place it on your countertop, or, if you don’t have the counter space, neatly tuck it away in the cabinet itself or choose one that allows you to hang it over the cabinet door, leaving extra space for more items inside the vanity.

You know what may even be worse than having to dig through a pile of hair tools and tangled cords? When those cords/tools get melted by one another. I don’t have time to wait for them to cool down after use, and I certainly don’t want to leave them all strung about on my counters when I’m finished with them.

Perfect solution? A heat-resistant styling tool mat pouch. This not only protects your straightener or curling iron from burning and ruining other tools but also protects itself AND your counter. You can rest it on top while grabbing different strands of hair to style or while doing your makeup (or picking the perfect song to jam out to). When finished or when traveling, you can slide it safely into the pouch and back under the sink or into your travel bag and you’ll be well on your way and melt-free. We love a dual-purpose product!

If you’re living that dorm life or share a bathroom with a roommate or two, a bathroom organizer caddy is a more portable option. With deep compartments and a sturdy handle, this caddy can fit your styling tools and products while keeping them together and out of the way when others take their turn in the bathroom.

Silicone Heat-Resistant Hair Care Styling Tool Mat Pouch Bathroom Storage Organizer Caddy Tote

Now, for under the sink and/or shelf storage.
Finding the right organizer bins to fit your needs and space is next on the agenda. Organizer bins with handles, stacking bins, bins with lids – mDesign has thought of everything.

For bins without lids that can be used alone or stacked in multiples, you can fit brushes and styling products that are easy to see and access. Wider, deeper options to hold even more products may be the right choice for you if consider yourself an experienced hairstylist – or a hoarder of hair products like me, either one. There are also lidded bins to keep your styling products neat, clean and safe from bristles getting smashed or misshapen. These can be stacked as high as you need them to be!

Speaking of lidded bins, I haven’t forgotten about all those barrettes, clips, hair ties, etc. that never have a home (and no, throwing them on the side of the sink in a pile doesn’t count). mDesign has lidded bins with 8 separate compartments, making this one ideal for storing all your hairdo accessorizing. The lid makes moving this container from place to place worry-free from spilling out the contents – a literal nightmare.

For a more rustic twist on things, try the long metal wire vanity storage basket to fit snugly in your vanity or bathroom closet. These may be slim, but it surprisingly can fit several styling tools and brushes. A deeper basket big enough to hold a blow dryer is also an option. Try mounting these to the wall for a unique farmhouse look!

In the spirit of trying new décor/organization ideas, how about this one: turning an office desk organizer into a hair styling tool organizer. Yup. Turns out, these are great for fitting side by side under a vanity sink and the right size to hold your necessities. Lay down a rubber bottom to avoid melting and boom, perfect storage container!

Another item you can turn into a perfect bathroom storage container is mDesign’s woven baskets. Mix up your textures a bit and include a couple of these beauties for hair masks, styling sprays, etc. Or, as another place to hold all those brushes or blow dryer/curling wand attachments that often need a home.

Get your bathroom de-cluttered and organized with these products and tips. Before you know it, doing your hair will be your favorite part of the morning!

Shaylee Dillen is a SEO Content Writer at mDesign
and considers herself a caffeine and cosmetics fanatic!

How do you stay organized? We’d love to hear your story!
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Posted: Nov 12, 2019