Go from Bulk to Beautiful!

Go from Bulk to Beautiful!

Winter attire organization made easy

If you live in or around the snow belt like me, you know that having a myriad of winter accessories isn’t really an option, it’s a necessity. Gloves, hats, scarves, and boots – oh my! What’s worse than temps in the negatives and sketchy driving conditions for months at a time? Having an entryway/mudroom flooded with all your snow-going non-negotiables.

Being bundled up and warm when braving the outside winter world is great and all, but once you’re inside, safe and sound, the obvious next step is removing all of your extra insulation. That means all these bulky items need somewhere to be stored until your next arctic adventure.

Winter boots are less than subtle and so are big, down, furry winter coats. These items aren’t as easily stored neatly and often end up in a damp, messy pile in the corner of the entryway – not exactly the best first impression you want to give guests, or even yourself when you walk in the door.

For entryway areas, you may not have built-in shelving/cubby units. In this case, you’ll have to be a bit more creative with your storage.

Natural Woven Hyacinth - Storage Cube Basket Bins Multi-Tier Fabric Shoe Rack Floor Stand Storage Extra Long Water Resistant Bamboo Accent Mat/Rug

Standing coat racks are a smart option, especially when dealing with coats, hats, and scarves that are likely to be damp. mDesign’s metal coat rack is 67” tall and has eight rotating hooks to hold your winter attire. Coats, hats, scarves, you name it. Your items will be dry by the morning and the coat rack fits in the corner nicely, just enough out of the way to not be a nuisance but in the open enough to quickly grab items on your way out the door.

Boots – don’t even get me started here! Boots are so clunky and awkwardly sized, not to mention being wet and muddy from the glorious winter weather. Trying to store these throughout the winter months in a clean and tidy way is a yearly challenge that I often lose.

Rainboots, snow boots, or fashion-forward knee-high boots often won’t fit in a standard shoe rack, as the spaces between shelving are typically designed for a sneaker or a flat. With a boot rack from mDesign, there is plenty of space both vertically and horizontally to fit your wet weather footwear. The rungs allow for boots to be placed side by side in an orderly fashion. They look organized and put away instead of flopping in a pile of slush by the door. The height of the boots is no match for this boot rack. Mission accomplished.

For all your other fashionable footwear, a wide 16 grid shoe cubby is versatile and functional. Hold anything from ankle boots to stilettos to sneakers. The light gray and white color scheme flow with any home décor style and the closed walls create a more discreet look.

With all that slush and mud being tracked in and out of the house, you’ll want something to protect your floors from water damage. This can be done with a touch of style, something outside of your standard rubber floor mat. Bamboo is all the rage, the natural essence of it warms the feeling of an entryway or mudroom area while also bringing a modern edge to the space. mDesign’s water resistant bamboo accent mat/rug is just what your sad winter shoes are looking for. The bamboo will not be damaged, and neither will your floors, and your shoes can dry happily and stylishly.

If you do have built-in shelving and cubbies, then you’re going to love this idea. Sure, you could fold your scarves up into neat little piles, or carefully place your gloves or mittens in a cubby hole when you’re finished warming your digits for the day. Let’s be real, though. After a few days of pulling those items in and out, you’re not always going to have the time or patience to ever-so-neatly put them back into the cubby holes.

So, let’s place them – folded or messily – into some trendy baskets! These storage baskets from mDesign go great in any home and slide effortlessly into your existing shelving. Toss mittens/gloves, scarves, wool socks, etc. into the baskets to hide them away when not in use, but they are easy to grab when in a hurry.

While the winter weather is upon us, turn your entryway and mudroom area into a winter wonderland instead of a blizzard of bundling attire!

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Posted: Dec 27, 2019