Give Your Bathroom a Refresh

Give Your Bathroom a Refresh

Fresh Start Your Year with a Bathroom Makeover

Need an update in your home but don’t have the budget for a complete overhaul? Refreshing one of the most used rooms in your house can provide a renovated feel with little effort. Changing up a rug, shower curtain and accessories makes your bathroom look and feel brand new. But where to start?

A New Look

First, take a look at trendy shower curtains. Adding a new curtain can really upgrade a small space in a big way, and a decorative fabric shower curtain brings a sophisticated feel without breaking the bank. Adding a fun pop of color with a novelty print, or a more traditional herringbone print, or even a simple solid color can really jazz up your space quickly.

Cotton Stripe Shower Curtain Novelty Flamingo Print Fabric Shower Curtain Henna Print Fabric Shower Curtain Pint Striped Fabric Shower Curtain Medallion Print Fabric Shower Curtain Chevron Printed Fabric Shower Curtain

Throw in a matching rug to complete the look. Plus, it will feel super comfy on your toes as you step in and out of the shower. mDesign offers a variety of sizes, colors, and designs so you can find the perfect fit for your room.

Cotton Rectangular Bathroom Mat Combo with Ribbed Design, Set of 3 Rugs Round Microfiber Bath Mat Non-Slip Bathroom Rug Cotton Long Runner Rug, Bath Mat with Diamond Pattern

Discreet Cleaning

Next, bring on the accessories! A matching wastebasket, toilet brush, and plunger can really look like you have your stuff together, even when you really don’t (we promise not to tell!). mDesign has several matching kits that can complement any décor without breaking the bank

Bathroom Cleaning and Waste Can Storage Combo, Set of 3

Organization with Style

Once you have your basics down, it’s time to consider some functional storage pieces to help bring the whole look together. A decorative ladder can provide precious storage by going vertical and taking advantage of unused wall space. Place some towels there, decorative or functional, or add magazines, newspapers, and other storage items to keep guests happy! mD TIP – These also make great blanket holders in your bedroom or tucked next to the couch.

Metal Free Standing Towel Bar Storage Ladder

Need more space? Hanging a simple wall mount wire shelf with hooks creates some much-needed ambiance in the room. Use it to showcase a candle or fun decorative item, or to store everyday essentials. I like to add matching canisters to store cotton swabs, facial swabs, bath salts, and hair ties.

Large Farmhouse Metal Wire Wall Mount Storage Shelf with 6 Hooks

Finally, look in your cabinets. Rummaging through in the morning to find your comb or hair straightener? Use an over-door hair station caddy to keep everything where it needs to be. This will be a life-changer and you can now manage those cords that seem to kink no matter how you store them.

See? A few super simple steps can help you refresh your bathroom without taking a second mortgage to your house. Finding solutions with style doesn’t have to be a pain; mDesign is here to help with your Fresh Start to 2021!

Laura Sirk is a Marketing Manager at mDesign
and loves all things organization and cats. I’m one cat away from being a cat lady. MEOW!

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Posted: Jan 15, 2021