Getting Back into Routine

Getting Back into Routine

A checklist for getting your kids back in their school routines

Getting your kiddos (and yourself!) back into a school routine after summer break can be overwhelming. I have found it better to start their new routine the week before classes resume. It helps to get into the swing of things again and hopefully make everyone a little less cranky for the first day of school.

Below is a printable checklist for your kids to follow to help getting back into a school routine simple and maybe even a little fun! Try laminating the checklist and glue magnets on the back. Then it you can hang it on the fridge and check items off each day with a dry erase marker.

My Weekly Routine Printable Check List

Daily chores make it simple for kids to know exactly what they have to do when they get home from school. Something simple like emptying the dishwasher or taking out the trash is enough to make their routine their own. Another great way to get back into a routine is to have scheduled bath days. I like to work this around the kid’s activities. I always ensure to enforce an early bedtime, but not before a bedtime story or book. This checklist can easily be tweaked to fit the needs of your middle or high school-aged student as well.

I also have some simple and stylish organization tips for you that will help keep your kids on task without you always looking over their shoulder.

Large Farmhouse Metal Wire Wall Mount Storage Shelf with 6 Hooks Plastic Kitchen Storage Bins with Built-in Handles for Organizing Bamboo Home Office Desk Organizer Bin

First, the perfect storage solution to keep all your kid’s backpacks and lunches neat and organized. This Wall Mount Shelf With Hooks is perfect to hold backpacks, jackets, and car keys. The shelf is great to place their lunch bags on after they are made in the morning. This keeps your house looking neat and helps your little ones not to forget anything!

When you give kids a snack, they can sometimes get overexcited and ruin their dinner. A way to combat this is to use these Snack Bins with Labels. I like to set 3 bins on the counter each day and let them pick from 2. The kids don’t ruin their dinner and it’s an easy way for you to know when you are out of certain snacks.

Parents need some organization in their routine too! Every parent needs a catch-all bin for their car keys, mail, and anything else that may be in your hands when you walk through the door and this Bamboo Organizer works great for me! If you get your kids in a good routine, your routine will slowly follow suit. After all, life often revolves around our kids, right?

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Posted: Jul 28, 2020