Fridge Organization with Simply in Control

Fridge Organization with Simply in Control

Simply in Control hosted a 3 week Kitchen Clean Out Challenge on Instagram.  Check out the resulting, newly-organized fridge complete with bins, turntables, and more. Are you ready to tackle yours?

The most fun pictures are always of the fridge and pantry aren't they? Everyone enjoys seeing all kinds of food nicely organized in different stations. In today's post I wanted to show you how I organize my fridge and pantry using bins to create zones.

Here's a look at my fridge from inside. It's so important to be able to see and access everything easily to prevent wastage of food. Because of this, I like to hold everything in clear containers, and I find acrylic to be the best quality.

Simply in Control - simplifying through organization

Creating zones in the fridge and freezer is a great time saver for when you need to grab something quickly, instead of having to fumble around to find something. I have used some bins from mDesign to compartmentalize like items together. It pulls everything together really well!

A few other things I like to use for organizing are turntables, egg containers, can holders, and glass storage containers for leftovers. Glass containers are great for heating leftovers and you can clearly see what you have in the fridge so nothing is forgotten in the back! I'll link all of these items at the bottom in case you're interested.

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Posted: Sep 20, 2019