Freshen Up Your Home for Fall

Freshen Up Your Home for Fall

Room by Room Décor Tips for Autumn

Here at mDesign, fall is one of our favorite times of the year. Maybe it’s leftover from childhood and our memories of being excited about new school clothes and fresh school supplies (64 count crayons, anyone?). Maybe it’s the return of things we’re nostalgic for, like sweater weather and autumn leaves.

As a prelude to winter and spending more time indoors, we can’t think of a better season than fall to spruce up your space.


You only get one chance to make a first impression and the foyer is where that happens in your home. This stylish bench and coat rack pulls your entryway together while providing the kind of stealth storage that keeps clutter out of sight. The wood bench has ample space underneath for shoes and boots; the coat rack keeps jackets and hoodies organized and easy to grab as you head out the door for fall activities.

doormat is a great way to welcome guests and limit the amount of dirt and debris that gets tracked through your home. Add other storage hacks like baskets and shelves to create drop zones for keys, gloves, and mail.

Living Room

Are you the kind of family that only ventures into the living room when company comes over or is the living room the #1 hang out spot in your house? Either way, these sleek, chic pieces will revitalize your living room’s décor.

Interior decorators like to layer pieces. Layering a few accent pieces makes your living area feel unique and personal—as opposed to matching all your furniture, which tends to overwhelm the space and leave your living room looking crowded and cluttered.

mDesign’s Hairpin Leg Accent Tables and Free-standing Storage Ladder are great for layering — the clean lines and modern styling complement any décor. The accent tables are ideal for displaying family photos or holding a vase of flowers for a pop of color. The free-standing ladder provides easy-to-install storage —just prop it against the wall and artfully arrange magazines or sofa throws.

2 different size round end tables with black thin metal legs next to each other in white room with window and gray rug


The idea of remodeling a kitchen strikes fear in the hearts of most homeowners. Dealing with sketchy contractors, busted budgets, and back-ordered appliances is the stuff of nightmares. Unless you absolutely cannot make it another day without a new backsplash, consider replacing a kitchen remodel with a kitchen reorg.

Extra storage and organization might be the only facelift your kitchen needs. This rolling cart is as beautiful as it is functional. Keep counters and other kitchen surfaces clear by storing spices, dishes, and kitchen towels in this compact, mobile cart.

Nothing makes your kitchen look worse than a sink full of dishes (okay, those avocado-colored appliances from the 70s were pretty bad, too). Organize the area around your sink with this dish drying rack. It has lots of room for plates, glassware, tableware, cutting boards, pots and pans. It also has an adjustable spout that drains water directly into the sink. Add an mDesign sink caddy to store sponges, scouring pads, and brushes neatly in your sink.

Complete your kitchen’s new look with a coordinating recipe book/tablet stand, a wine rack, and a metal storage basket.


Brightening up the bedroom is easy-peasy: new bedding! Switching up bed linens does double décor duty. Not only does it make your bedroom look better; it helps you sleep better. A US National Sleep Foundation study found that 73% of us get a better night’s sleep on fresh sheet.

Experiment with color, texture, and patterns when choosing new bedding. It’s a fun, economical way to change up your bedroom décor. Store your new sheets in mDesign’s Fabric Storage Box. The boxes are covered in a cozy knit and designed for stacking or cube storage shelving units.

Close up of woman’s hand opening lid of gray knit box


Speaking of easy décor updates, give your bathroom an instant makeover with a new shower curtain and bathmat. mDesign offers a variety of vibrant, premium quality shower curtains in whimsical prints. Color-coordinated bathmats add a spa-like ambience.

There you have it: easy, affordable ways to refresh each room’s décor and make your home warm and inviting for the rest of the year.

Lisa Langford is a Senior Copywriter at mDesign

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Posted: Jul 1, 2021