Clean Up Your Cookware

Clean Up Your Cookware

Tips for organizing pots, pans, and cookie sheets, oh my!

When it comes to organizing your kitchen, pots and pans are some of the more difficult items to neatly store. They’re all different sizes and shapes, not to mention the lids that go along with them. I get into the habit of having just one, large drawer or corner cabinet where all of my pots and pans end up getting thrown, leaving me to dig around for the matching lids or the right size item for what I’m cooking.

Sure, you could hang them on the wall or from a ceiling rack, but not everyone wants to have their pots and pans exposed, especially if you’re working with limited space.

Pot and pan organizers are a one-and-done option that neatly hold everything together, creating more space for other items in your cabinets or drawers. mDesign has several cookware organizers that can get you on your way to cleaning up that mess.

Metal Pot and Pan Organizer Rack for Kitchen Cabinet Metal Pot Pan Lid Organizer Rack for Kitchen Cabinet

  • Wire metal organizer racks with tall dividers hold your muffin tins and cookie sheets upright instead of down flat, making it easy to pull out just one or two at a time from their slots instead of sifting through a big stack of them. Having them in an upright position also takes up far less space in your cabinets. On that same note, you can display it on your countertop if you prefer and still appear orderly and not take up too much counter space. Skillets and various sizes of pans also fit nicely.
  • Lid organizer racks are great because they can be mounted inside cabinet doors, right alongside the rest of your pots and pans. With an upward slanting design, they are easy to grab out of the rack without having to lean or crouch down.

Metal Pot Pan Organizer-Rack for Kitchen Cabinet Expandable Adjustable Kitchen Drawer Divider

  • Metal organizer racks with dividers are designed to cradle lid handles perfectly and are a combination of the two options above. They fit most sizes of pots and pans, and because of the unique shaped metal dividers, they also hold their respective lids in place. The best part about these racks? They can sit upright in your cabinet or on your counter, too! Making it easy to grab the handle and slide it in or out of the compartment before and after use.
  • Expandable kitchen drawer dividers may be the perfect option for you if you’re wanting to maximize your drawer storage or do not have ample cabinet space. You can install these both horizontally or vertically, depending on your vision and preference. You can even place them in deep drawers to separate the lids from pans, or separate them each entirely, grouping together each pan with its respective lid.

In or out of cabinet storage for pots and pans can be challenging without taking up all your counter or cabinet space, but with a few simple organizers or drawer dividers that take seconds to place/install, you’d be amazed how easy it is to finally clean up your cookware!

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Posted: Nov 4, 2019