Bringing Baby Home During COVID-19

Bringing Baby Home During COVID-19

Bringing a baby home is scary, much scarier during a pandemic! mDesign has a few tips to help with this crazy time.

Bringing a baby home is usually a scary time for any parent, let alone during a worldwide pandemic, yet here we are. I am 9 months pregnant and expecting my 2nd child in June. While many of our happy moments we get to share with friends and family have been put on hold, you can still celebrate this special time. Some days you probably think you have it handled, other days you feel like you are losing it. All are okay feelings to have.

What has kept me sane? Planning for the baby, putting the nursery together, washing bottles, all the small stuff that used to bother me with the first kid. Now that I am having my 2nd kid, that makes me an expert, right? I thought so. When I start to get nervous about family and friends coming over to see the baby, I find myself sitting in my baby’s room in the rocking chair thinking of when I’ll bring my bundle home.

Now, everyone has different takes on what is best for you and your family. Here is my perspective and my perspective only!


This is everyone’s biggest concern, mine as well. I did order some disposable masks online to keep at the house at least for the first few weeks.

I keep mine right on my front table as you walk in. I have this gorgeous Bamboo Front Dip Bin that I keep my masks in as well as fabric masks that were made for us. My husband also keeps his keys in there and it is just a general “catch all” for that table. You can put whatever you need in there and looks like you spent way more than you did on it.

Next, I have a portable sanitation station. While I am encouraging everyone to wash their hands as they enter, I am keeping hand sanitizer, wipes, sprays, tissues, and paper towels ready. At my socially-distant virtual office baby shower, my co-worker sent me this adorable Felt Caddy that I have had my eyes on since we launched this item. I can move this to any room in the house and keep the area clean. You can also use it to keep diapers, wipes, butt cream, and other baby essentials all in one space, too. And, when you do venture out – take it in the car with you!

Bamboo Kitchen Pantry Food Organizer Bin with 3 Sections Felt Baby & Kids Storage Organizer Caddy with Handles

Newborn Photo Shoot

This one just hit me a few weeks ago. While our state lifted the photo studio ban, most photographers are opting for outside shoots only of families. No newborn shoots. For any of you that know, there is a lot of touching and close contact with a baby that is less than 2 weeks old. While I am glad my photographer won’t be all up in my baby’s business – that leads to my mom-guilt and HOLY CRAP – I need to do this myself. Some moms might not care if they have those photos, the fact I did them with my first and potentially not my second makes me feel like a terrible mom. So, I reached out to my photographer and she gave me some pointers on what to do.

I am no professional, but I realized I had a lot of cute places and baskets for my kid to lay in. First, I have these Household Storage Bins. The neutral gray color will work for any color scheme and they are just the right size to put a blanket and baby on top! How cute are these Round Seagrass Bins? Prop that baby up in one of these and you are sure to take a good photo! Finally these Woven Baskets are too cute not to put in baby photos.

Thinking “outside the box” is critical to all of us during this time. Have fun with it!

Organizing the Baby’s Room

The options are endless for how best to organize your baby clothes, what I find helpful are not making the same mistakes twice. Below are some mistakes I made that I wish to pass along to new moms!

  • Figure out if you like to hang or fold first. I did both and LOTS of cute things where missed. I was so used to going into her drawer for onesies, that I forgot I hung up anything. Mommy brain?
  • Don’t try to get all crazy about size. 3 months vs. 3-6 months. Put these together. I ended up putting it in the next size, 6 months, and by the time I got there, she was too big for these pieces.
  • Take all the free clothes you can get. Use them for daycare or playing outside or eating – my kid hated bibs, so she was always a mess after eating, thus, staining a lot of adorable outfits. If you don’t use them, you can always donate to a mom in need.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This goes beyond clothes storage.

Below are some of my other go-to items for baby organization in the bedroom. This helped me gather my thoughts and focus on the positives during this time.

Fabric Storage Cubes for Baby + Kids Room Fabric Kids Hanging Closet Nursery Organizer 5 Drawer Wide Dresser Organizer for Baby + Kids Room

See-Through Cubes - This cube is the perfect nursery or kid’s room accessory. They are the perfect size that allows you to organize and separate items. You can hold brushes, combs, clippers, dippers, wipes, diaper rash cream or any other essential that you need to keep handy. We all know how those nighttime diaper changes can be. I used them in my changing station area, on my bookshelf to organize socks, burp cloths, and finally in the playroom to keep items organized. I love the see-through front because you know what is in it before you open it.

Fabric Hanging Organizer - When my kid was first born, I washed everything and folded it, put it in drawers by ages (0-3, 3-6, 6-9). As much as I tried to keep everything organized and together, I still found myself going through drawers and unearthing clothes I forgot about. If I would have had this closet organizer, my life would have been so much easier. I mean, you don’t use the baby closet for anything else – their clothes are too tiny! Take advantage of this unique storage solution.

5-Dresser with Cubby - This dresser has been a lifesaver for this tired mama. It was quick and easy to assemble – didn’t even need my hubby’s help! And adds a bit of pizazz to my baby’s closet. I wanted something that I could put away clothes, toys, accessories, blankets odds and ends that I am going to acquire and not sure if I should throw them out. The bigger drawers helped with blankets, bedding and even storing the diaper bag. The smaller ones helped with baby socks and shoes, but the possibilities are endless.

COVID-19 - mDesign Gives Back

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Posted: May 28, 2020