Accessorizing Your Shower

Accessorizing Your Shower

Drench your shower in some love with these accessorizing ideas!

I don’t know about you, but showering is easily one of my favorite parts of the day, especially when I have the time to enjoy it and not rush off to any obligations. And when I really have the time, taking a long, relaxing bath is a cure-all for most things, in my opinion. It’s a fact that self-care is extremely important to one’s well-being, and cleansing yourself daily is a part of that.

Whether you’re renting an apartment with a relatively small shower or you’re able to build the bathroom of your dreams with a big walk-in shower with 3 waterfall showerheads hitting you in all directions, having the proper showering accessories makes all the difference. From caddies that can hold all your cleansing necessities to tasteful curtains, the simplest touches can pull it all together and make your shower into your very own oasis.


I recently have become quite a fan of the hanging shower caddy over the last few years after moving into my own place where the showers have been less than roomy and have little space to put my soaps, poufs, and razors. Putting them in the corners of the bathtub can quickly create soap build-up. Who wants to clean that all the time? Not me.

Whether you have one or two holy grail soaps that you never stray from or if you are like me and rotate shampoos/conditioners/body washes, there is sure to be a shower accessory that will fit all your favs and look good doing it, too!

mDesign has some awesome caddies that fit a range of needs in a variety of finishes to spruce up that sad apartment-sized shower or add an elegant touch to your dream bathroom!

Metal Hanging Bathroom Tub Shower Storage Caddy Wide Over Door Hanging Bathroom Tub Shower Caddy Metal Bathroom Tub Shower Caddy
The simplistic option
If you want to add some storage space inside your shower, but only need a small shelf or two, then the  metal hanging bathroom shower storage caddy with two shelves, a razor station, and two pouf hooks is the best option. This is just the right size for a few of your favorite soaps as well as other grooming products. It’s a simple, one-stop-shop for the simple shower-er!
The advanced option
The  wide metal bathroom shower storage caddy option is great for someone like me, who always has at least 2 different choices of shampoo/conditioner in the shower at any given time, plus body soap, shaving cream, scrubs, etc. The elongated shelf makes fitting all my soaps a breeze, plus two smaller shelves on each side to separate products. Equipped with hooks for razors, brushes, and poufs, this caddy is tied together with a towel rack at the bottom to add a pop of color and easy access when washing your face. These shelf sizes are also available in over-the-door options as well, in case you don’t prefer hanging it over your shower head!
The unique option
If you’re less of a shelf person and more of a grab-and-go type of person, the  8-basket metal bathroom shower storage caddy may be the best option. With its unique design, this caddy cradles your soaps at an angle making it easy to grab and replace your soaps. With two additional smaller shelves for a bar of soap, and two razor/brush hooks, this caddy has it all.

Tension Poles & Suction Cups

Adjustable 4 Tier Tension Pole Shower Caddy Corner Moving on from the standard shower caddy world, did you ever think a tension pole could be the answer to your shower accessory organization needs? And no, I’m not just talking about for your curtain! mDesign’s adjustable 4-tier metal tension pole shower caddy has all the storage of a standard caddy but fits snug in the corner of your shower. The best part? These work for those of you who have a standalone shower and no bathtub, too! The rod extends to a lengthy 9.5’ high! Adjustable, in-shower storage could NOT be any easier!

A quick, portable, small shower organizer is the plastic suction shower caddy storage basket. This adorable caddy comes in white and clear options and can fit all the necessities. You can also bring this on an extended trip if you’re looking to bring a little bit of home wherever you go, and have your products easily accessible and organized away from home.

The Final Touches

Bathroom Shower Curtain Microfiber Rug Waste Can Combo Set Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner for Bathroom Textured Plastic Bathroom Shower Curtain Ring Hooks

Now that you’ve figured out the perfect in-shower accessory, what about the rest of your bathroom? Having all the accessories in your bathroom coordinating nicely makes for a cozy and relaxing feel. Trying to find items that match perfectly can be a pain, so why not buy them as a set? That way you can be sure everything will look great together and you won’t be making multiple trips to the store.

mDesign’s bathroom shower curtain, microfiber rug, and waste can combo set is a cost-effective, simple way to get the matching essentials you need, in one go! Available in three different colors and patterns, this is the finishing touch any bathroom needs to be complete.

Last, but certainly not least, grab a stylish curtain rodliner, and some shower hooks and you are on your way to dousing your shower in style!

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Posted: Oct 28, 2019