A Purrrrfect Pet Pantry

A Purrrrfect Pet Pantry

How to Organize Your Pet Pantry

If someone were to ask me if I am a dog or a cat person, the answer would be, both! I am lucky enough to have one of each. Each brings me such joy but in different ways. My little doggy, Maisy, is so kind. She teaches me about kindness and how to love in a way that I seldom see from humans; always licking me and jumping on me, her existence is a little slice of heaven, I tell ya.

My cat on the other hand - well, I think we can all agree that cats don’t jump and lick us, but she does have her good qualities as well, and in her own way, teaches me some loving lessons. For instance, when I come home from work each day, I can count on walking into my bedroom and finding little Chewy laying on the bed as if to say, “hi mom, welcome home, it’s good to see you!” I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy, but there is just something cool about knowing someone is waiting for you when you arrive. In a strange way, her consistency validates my existence.

Check out this cute video of Maisy and Chewy from National Cat Day:

One thing both Maisy and Chewy have in common, however, is that they both have no problem letting me know when it’s time for dinner! Since I have both a cat and a dog, that means that I have cat treats and dog treats, cat dry food and dog dry food, cat wet food and dog wet food - well you get the picture. All that means, is that I have a lot of stuff to store! I hate when I want to give one a treat and then can’t find the others’ treats. I’m riffling around for ten minutes looking for what I want. Is it too much to ask to want to be able to easily grab the right treats/food for the right animal? So, I have two shelves of accouterments dedicated specifically to our pets.

Recently, I found a way to harness all of their pet mess, and the cool thing is, it can be done either vertically or horizontally depending on your space! For horizontal storage try these mDesign  wet food holders. This discovery was a game-changer! It allows me to view the flavors, but most importantly, I can easily see when I need to replenish stock. For vertical storage, use this tall can organizer. It is the purrrrrfect size for pet food cans. And for treats, I love these handy plastic jars. They are stylish enough to store on open shelving and they also allow you to see what’s inside.

For larger dog food cans, I love this  dispensable can holder, and for a stackable option, try these amazing bins with lids or our airtight version for snacks or dry foods. Since these are all clear bins, you can easily print and affix labels to the containers so that you NEVER get confused about whether you’re feeding your cat, dog food or your dog, cat food.

Another amazing discovery I found was these fantastic  silicone pet mats. They are lightweight and dishwasher safe so buy as many as you need. If you have 4 dogs and 1 cat, pick up one for each! Last but not least, where do you keep your pet toys and leashes? I have a dog walker who comes to my house every day to take Maisy out for her walk and I can’t tell you how many times she will text me asking me where her leash is. Why can’t I just put the leash back in the same spot every time? The answer, because I don’t have a designated spot for it!

Now I do! I found this adorable  leash holder from mDesign. I keep her leash (and a spare) readily available by hanging it on this mountable 6-hook rack and tray. It’s perfect because it also holds little notes on the tray. Our dog walker always leaves me a report card of how her walk went and the tray is the perfect place to drop that note.

At the end of the day, it is so amazing to have little furry friends who love and welcome us. They deserve the best, and so do you! Keep your life organized so you can spend more time with them. It’s so dog-gone awesome!

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Posted: Nov 8, 2019