5 Ways to Rearrange Your Reads

5 Ways to Rearrange Your Reads

Try these 5 mDesign tips for organizing your magazine collection

The magazine. The beautiful combination of words, pictures, gossip, education, comedy, etc. There’s a magazine for everyone. Celeb news, politics, comics, and niche magazines that broaden your horizons and teach you something you didn’t know before. Big, glossy pages, advertisements (sometimes even with free samples!), and gorgeous photography.

You can read one on the toilet while doing your business, waiting for an appointment, lounging in your backyard or by the beach on vacation, or taking cheesy quizzes while getting a much-needed pedicure.

The beauty of the magazine, beyond the seemingly endless topics and niches they cover, is that you can pick it up, read a few pages, and put it back down. You can flip through the whole thing in one sitting or you can just take a glance at a few interesting articles and read the rest another time. The covers are generally attractive, so leaving them on tabletops is often the placement of choice.

If you are a business owner or employee of an establishment that subscribes to a handful of magazines to entertain your patrons while they’re waiting, I’m sure you’ve experienced the disaster that a table of magazines can become throughout a standard business day.

They can get messy when they are being used often, the corners get folded, and pages can become crinkled. If you prefer a clean, organized look, as I do, you’ll love the idea of having a way to keep all of your favorite reads in a designated place. Of course – the magazine rack!

Magazine racks do come in a myriad of finishes and variations. They also have multiple uses that you may have never thought of or realized before! Let’s focus on 5 main styles and how you can use mDesign magazine organizers throughout your home and business to improve the look and function of a good magazine!

Metal Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Magazine Holder & iPad Storage Shelf 1 Toilet tissue and magazine holder hybrid
You need a space to dispense your toilet tissue. You need a space for your magazines. You like to read your magazines when nature calls. Solution? Have all the necessary materials for the aforementioned activities in one place. Boom.

The bottom section can hold several magazines in a uniform fashion and the toilet tissue sits on the rung above. There’s even a shelf on the very top to hold whatever important items you must bring to your bathroom adventure – cell phone, tablet, novel, you name it. In the day and age where having your electronics essentially glued to your side is the norm, why should using the restroom be an exception? Your magazines are there when you need a break from social media or your business email account is blowing up. Take a seat, grab a mag, and have a read. Newspapers conveniently fit right into the bottom shelf, too, if you’re more of a classifieds and comics bathroom reader.
2 Freestanding magazine holder
Slide a handful of your go-to celeb gossip magazines into one of these stands and place it in any room. The compact size makes it work atop a counter, end table, or coffee table. Your reads are within reach while vegging out on a Sunday afternoon or for your guests to peruse while waiting for their names to be called for their appointment or reservation.

Unexpected perk alert! Grab a few of these while you’re at it, because hairstyling tools such as hairdryers, straighteners, brushes, and curling irons all fit perfectly in the stand. Hairdresser? Amazing. Use a few in the lobby or while clients are waiting for their hair to develop, and use one or two at your station to keep your tools in reach at all times.
Free Standing Bathroom Magazine Rack Newspaper Stand
Metal Wall Mount Magazine and Toilet Tissue Holder 3 Wall mount magazine rack
I have very limited tabletop and counterspace in my little apartment, so the ability to mount organizers on the wall solves all my problems. Mounting a magazine rack to the wall near a sitting area in a business, in the bathroom, or living room in your home eliminates the need to take up space on your counters, tables, or even on the floor. It’s up to you where you mount it, and you can determine the perfect height to make grabbing a glossy piece of literature or two, easily accessible. Keep it high enough, as to help adults reach their reading materials, or intentionally mount it low enough to keep kiddos busy while killing time in the waiting room.

If you’re still a fan of the  magazine-toilet tissue combo, snag a wall mount with not one, but two rungs for your toilet tissue! Soon you’ll be a multitasking master!
4 Entryway wall mount rack
Geared more toward at-home use, mount this rack next to your entryway area to create an easy grab and go solution. The smaller basket is a drop zone for your sunglasses, dog leashes, etc. and use the two hooks for umbrellas, keys, scarves, and more. The larger basket can house the magazines you like to grab on your way in or out the door.

Mail also fits into the large basket to remind you to send out that invitation you were supposed to RSVP to a week ago. Lots of magazines have beautiful cover pages, so even if you don’t plan to bring some light reading with you out the door, it creates an art piece and pop of color as you enter your safe haven.
Metal Wall Mount Entryway Storage-Basket Mail Sorter
Large - Fabric Cube Home Storage Box, Closet Organizer 5 Fabric cube
Let’s hop on an even more stylish train, why don’t we? These fabric cube organizers are the perfect place to snugly organize your magazines. The versatile tree pattern with the soft color scheme gives it a cozy feel. The removable lid hides your magazines when you’re not having a read, too.

Using in a shelving unit? Encouraged! The cube features an easy-grab handle so you can slide the box in and out, frustration-free. If you are a before bed reader, as most of us are, you can place one or two of these near your bed, perhaps at the foot, so you have them nearby when you have the urge to find out what the Housewives are up to these days or get some inspo for your home remodel you’re planning. These fabric cubes are also a cute touch in the living room if you’re a weekend couch warrior.

Business, bedroom, bathroom, living area, or entryway, there are so many ways to arrange and organize your magazine collection that makes grabbing a mag and taking a break from your phone or computer screen both easy and attractive. Magazines can quickly turn into a clutter problem, mDesign has plenty of solutions to help you tidy up the mess!

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Posted: Dec 13, 2019