5 Jewelry Storage Tips

5 Jewelry Storage Tips

Follow these 5 tips to organize your way to accessible accessories, plus – a giveaway!

I have more necklaces, bracelets and earrings than I can even keep track of. Most of the time, necklaces end up in a wad at the bottom of my jewelry tower drawer, or I end up mismatching the backings of my earrings the second I take them off and throw them into a jewelry catcher.

The daily struggle of trying to find and untangle the (far too many) pieces of jewelry I have, leaves me wearing the same things over and over. When I lay it all out, I have loads of cute accessories that I never see or wear because of the disorganized mess it quickly becomes.

Organizing jewelry is actually pretty easy. The hard part is just the time-consuming untangling and scavenger hunt that finding missing earring fronts and backs turns into. I’ve quickly realized that just because I have a designated jewelry tower, doesn’t mean it’s designed in the most organizationally efficient way. Big, open drawers and only a couple necklace hooks aren’t the most sensible way to organize. Luckily, there are many ways of organizing the items that can be tailored to fit the amount of space, jewelry and style you have, which I will share with you below. Read to the end for an exciting giveaway opportunity coming up as well!

Here are 5 ways to clean up your jewelry pile and never waste time untangling:

1 DIY Towel Bars

Metal Over Rod Hanging Accessory Storage S Hook If you’re looking for a truly unique piece as a means of holding your favorite jewelry, using a towel rod can be the perfect way to go, both for functionality and for mobility. Each necklace/bracelet will be evenly spread out and easy to see when you’re looking for just the right one to complete an outfit.

Decide to rearrange your closet or your bedroom after the rod is on the wall? Easy fix. mDesign’s Adhesive Dish/Hand Towel Bars are simple to install and easy to use. The adhesive strips make placing and moving the towel bar much less stressful and permanent than a screw or nail would be – saving you (and your landlord) a headache. Once you have the bar installed, you’ll just need a few S hooks to get your organizing started.

S hooks can be used to place on your new jewelry bar as well. These are a breeze to move around and you can add or remove them as you see fit. Once you place your hooks on the bar, you’re ready to hang your necklaces, bracelets or other accessories such as scarves or headbands.

2 Wall Mounts

Wall Mount Accessory Jewelry Organizer Storage Rack A more traditional type of organizer is the wall mounted organizer. mDesign’s Accessory Organizer Storage Rack is the way to go if you’re big on accessorizing. The rack comes in a variety of finishes to best fit your style and has multiple storage sections.

Starting at the top with a tray for clutches, sunglasses or any other small grab and go item. The top basket is made of wire mesh to also act as an earring holder so you never lose one again! Below that are eight large hooks for bracelets followed by eleven round hook edges to safely hang necklaces – the possibilities are endless!

3 Tie Organizers

Wall Mount Hanging Tie Rack, Belt Storage Organizer Sometimes the best ideas stem from using a product for what it wasn’t intended for. Tie organizers can hang hidden over the door in your closet and are separated perfectly for holding necklaces or bracelets. mDesign offers this in a chrome and bronze finish to match your closet. There’s also an option to mount it to your wall if you want to show off your collection rather than conceal it!

4 Drawer Organizers

35 Slots Plastic Jewelry, Bead, Sewing Storage Trays Wanting to improve a pre-existing jewelry organizing situation? As mentioned, I have a jewelry tower that I’ve used for years. It matches my furniture and my style; it just lacks the functionality it was probably designed for. If this is you, too, you’ll love mDesign’s drawer organizers. Helping to maximize the space you already have and weren’t using the most efficiently, these slide right into your drawers, creating several functional sections. Depending on the size of your drawers and amount of jewelry you have, decide on the number of compartments you’ll be needing first and then choose the organizer that’s best for you.

I’m a bit of a jewelry hoarder – no shame here – so I know going into it I’d need lots of space. I have more stud earrings than anything, so a large number of small compartments works great for me. The 35-Slot Plastic Jewelry Storage Tray does the trick. These are two, stackable trays that even come with a lid if you’re transporting them or just for some additional protection. Stacked or side-by-side, this tray can fit tons of earrings, necklaces and bracelets with ease.

For larger compartments that fit longer necklaces and watches, the Long Plastic Drawer Organizer serves this purpose. These trays are clear plastic, durable and functional. You can get multiples for your stacking needs, too, if you have the space.

5 Spinning Organizer

Spinning Plastic Makeup & Jewelry Storage Organizer Moving aside from wall mounts, closet storage or drawer organizers, there are plenty of options for proudly displaying your accessories on your desk, dresser or bathroom sink. mDesign’s Spinning Plastic Jewelry Storage Organizer has a crystallized, luxe look. It’s not only pretty, it’s adjustable so it can fit all your accessories, no matter the quantity or size. It has: 14 sections, four shelves, three hook racks and 360-degree rotation – what more could you ask for? It’s also multifunctional and can hold a variety of beauty products if you’re looking for a home for them as well.

Once you’ve narrowed down exactly the kind of organizer you’re looking for, this list can get you well on your way to maximizing your space, making your jewelry more accessible and visible.

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Posted: Sep 24, 2019