10 RV Organization Hacks

10 RV Organization Hacks

Create Space in Your RV With These Must-Have Products

Nothing beats being in the wide-open air to help bring families together and hopefully, put down their phones. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we don’t need all the hustle and bustle to survive. In fact, it’s better for our mental health to take a break from the daily grind. What better way to reset, than with a camping trip?

Like most things, the concept of R&R looks a little different moving forward. Sometimes, different is good! With so many people working from home, “home” can be anywhere. Why not get there in an RV instead of just the family van?

One of the highlights of 2020 for mDesign was partnering with Keystone RV, the largest towable US manufacturers of RVs.

Road trips have become increasingly popular, as the day-to-day has become a little more redundant. When taking life on the road, one thing we know for sure is that RV storage and organization is a must.

There’s always a need to create space in tiny areas. Our #1 hack for life on the road? Go vertical. Look for stackable products and items you can hang to create extra room where there is otherwise unused space.

1 Over the Shower Door Hanger
Create more space in your bathroom with this shower door hanger. This keeps all our bathroom essentials in place and ready to go when you are! This 3-tier caddy has plenty of storage options and you can even hang it on the outside to help clean up the clutter. No shower door? That’s ok! Use our over the shower head caddy for more traditional bathroom storage.
Metal Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder and Storage Center 2 Wall Mount Metal Bins
Use every inch of space with hanging metal bins. These can be used on any wall, inside or outside of cabinets and in any room. The options are as endless as your imagination. Create your own collection by using several different sizes and style options to up your organization game.
Plastic 3-Tier Wall Mount Bathroom Towel Holder Storage Rack 3 Wall Mount Towel Rack
If you are traveling with your family or just yourself, having towels handy and ready is a must. Use this wall mounted towel rack to store and organize all your towels on the unused wall space in your bathroom. Bonus tip? Get two and use one in the kitchen for hassle-free wine bottle storage. No more taking up space in the cabinets!
Over Door Laundry Clothes Drying Rack 4 Collapsible Laundry Dryer
You can’t get away from laundry even when you are on the road. While fresh laundry is amazing, not all RVs have the space to dry your clothes, especially the ones you can’t put in the dryer to begin with. Using a wall mountover door or collapsible laundry drying rack will create that space when YOU need it. Best part? They fold away when not in use.
Easy-Slide Under Shelf Hanging Wire Storage Basket 5 Cabinet Hanging Shelf
Cabinet space is pretty limited in most RVs so adding extra storage and organizing is key. Grab yourself a hanging basket that you can use on the inside or outside of your cabinets. Unlike their wall mount cousins that we talked about earlier, these have hassle-free installation. No drilling required. Simply hang on any cabinet and remove or move when you need it.
Over Cabinet Door Kitchen Storage Basket - Trash Can 6 Hanging Food Wrap Organizer
Enjoying food by an open campfire is by far one of the best things about camping. Having leftovers is my second favorite thing. Keeping all your Cling Wrap, sandwich bags, and other food storage items near and organized helps cut down on the stress of clean up time.
2 Tier Plastic Kitchen Lazy Susan Turntable Storage 7 2-Tier Lazy Susan
Going vertical in cabinets is essential to an organized life, not to mention, a great space-saving solution! Add a 2-tier Lazy Susan to your cabinets to gain extra space. These rotate 360-degrees, so every item is easily in reach.
Large Plastic Soda Pop Can Storage Dispenser Fridge Bin 8 Can Organizer for Fridge
When on the open road, having cans roll around in your fridge is the last thing you need. Adding a can organizer in the fridge tames those rolling cans into one organized area. Get yourself a couple and make different stations for everyone’s favorite drinks.
Metal Wall Mount Magazine Rack and Kitchen Storage 9 Magazine Holder for Cutting Boards
Making sure everything has a home is one of the most important things for organizing. Using everyday items in for multiple purposes is even better. Get a magazine holder to hold all your cutting boards upright in your cabinets. They will stay in place and neatly aligned even when your RV is moving.
Felt Bedside Pocket Organizer Caddy with Rivets 10 Bedside Caddy
The bedrooms in RVs are not the most spacious of places and using every inch to its fullest is key. Getting a bedside caddy helps create nightstand space when there isn’t room for one. You can storge your glasses, phones, chargers, water, whatever you need next to you.

However you are enjoying your family time this season, remember you can create extra space in even the tiniest of homes. Have fun and think outside the box when it comes to RV storage and organization.

Shop the Look: Mix and match different fridge bins to fit you needs.

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Posted: Nov 17, 2020