World Toilet Day 2019

World Toilet Day 2019

The importance of increasing sanitary restroom options across the globe, and how you can do your part

According to, 40% of the world suffers from a lack of access to improved sanitation. That’s approximately 2.4 billion people worldwide. In fact, there are more people in the world with access to a cell phone than have access to a proper toilet. Let that sink in.

What does this mean? It means that without adequate means to a sanitary waste dispenser, aka a toilet, the likelihood of malnutrition and disease is greatly increased, diarrheal disease in particular. This disease happens to be the second leading cause of death among children below the age of five.

Being sans toilet means being forced to relieve yourself outside, in the open. The major problem here falls in the waste getting into the scarce water supplies, which is then in-turn consumed, producing mass diseases and illnesses.

As of 2013, November 19 serves as World Toilet Day across the planet. The dire need and importance the toilet has on humankind is immense, and this day was created to raise awareness and encourage us to do our part, whether that be donating or volunteering. The theme for this year’s campaign is:

Leaving No One Behind

We, as Americans, are generally very fortunate when it comes to the privilege of having a toilet – or several – in our homes, apartments, hotels, etc. It’s something that I never even give a second thought to. It’s always there, whether I’m at home or away, and I never have to worry about it. Heck, we have them strewn across the highways every so many miles! They’re virtually everywhere.

Imagine living day by day, unsure of where you are going to use the restroom when nature calls. This is unfathomable to most people. As the World Toilet Day website states,

"Whoever you are, wherever you are, sanitation is your human right."

In the spirit of clean toilets and sanitary conditions, for those lucky enough to have frequent access to a toilet, make sure you are keeping it clean and sanitized on a regular basis. I’ve seen some pretty rough bathrooms in my day, and you’d think if everyone knew how privileged we were to even have a toilet, we’d be taking better care of them.

Bathroom Cleaning and Toilet Paper Storage Combo

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Large Plastic Cleaning Supplies Storage Caddy Tote

Do your part on this World Toilet Day, whether that’s in the form of donation, volunteering, or even just giving your own toilet some TLC, in honor of keeping the world cleaner and healthier!

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Posted: Nov 21, 2019