World Clean Up Day

World Clean Up Day

Do Your Part and Take Action this World Clean Up Day

I know, I know, meal planning can be soooo boring. I get it. But it really doesn’t have to be! Let me explain.

I’m sure that you have heard news about the impending global crisis we face, speaking of course to our pollution problem. Leaving science at the door, if you simply look around you can easily tell that we as a society produce wayyyyy too much trash/pollution/litter/whatever other waste synonym you would like to use. We really don’t like to talk about it, kind of like that junk drawer that hasn’t been organized 4 years, but something needs to change. That’s why back in 2008, the small, northern European country of Estonian set out to clean up their country…. And they did so in just five hours (yes, the entire country). This made everyone realize just how much we can accomplish when we come together. Fast forward to September 15th, 2018 and we have our first official World Clean Up Day. Spanning across 157 countries, 18 million people contributed to the “biggest waste collection day in human history”, according to their official website. On September 21, 2019, we are once again invited as one to participate in saving the world.

So, what exactly does this have to do with a home furnishing and storage solution blog? Besides our trash cans, which come in many styles and finishes, not much. But every little part helps. We can only hope that the people that read this and other World Clean Up Day content will be motivated to participate in the cause.

World Clean Up Day isn’t just about awareness, it’s about action. We can talk all we want about where our planet is heading, but this day is specifically set aside for participation. There are simple solutions, that when compounded by millions, make an incredible impact on our world. Recycle, pick up litter, plant a tree, use a refillable water bottle, walk or carpool when you can, motivate others by doing, not by saying. Do your part and others will follow. Yes, we want you to live in an organized, stress free home.

Three Fingers Up

Imagine a World Without Waste. We can do it with support from the Whole World. Help raise awareness about World Cleanup Day and post your photos to social media with #threefingersup

To find other ways to get involved, check out World Clean Up Day and contact your country's representative.

How do you stay organized? We’d love to hear your story!
There are many ways that you can contribute and be part of our family.

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Posted: Sep 13, 2019