Winter Activities

Winter Activities

6 Fun Things to Do at Home This Winter!

Who would have thought back in March when the US started shutting down, that it would continue until the winter again? I know I didn’t. At least during the warmer months, you could be outside and not feel so confined but as the weather stars turning colder - the solitude and claustrophobia sets in!

Have no fear – there are lots of things you can do to beat the winter blues.

1 Build a Snowman

Many of us probably built a snowman back in the day and have forgotten this long-lost art. To prepare for the snow, gather together some button eyes, scarves, noses (can use a carrot but let’s be honest, who keeps fresh carrots laying around?), old hats, clothes or anything else you might use to decorate. Don’t just follow the song, get creative with items you have around your house. Keep these items all together in a basket or bin so that way when it starts to snow, you aren’t rummaging around the house and miss an opportunity for the perfect snowman!

Gift a Snowman Building Kit in a Natural Woven Storage Cube Basket to All the Children in Your Life

2 Go for a hike or sledding

Need to do some social distancing? Go for a hike at a state park or go sledding! No hills nearby? That’s ok, just pull your sled around the yard. I did this last year even when there wasn’t a social distancing mandate in place. My kid has the attention span of a gnat so getting all dressed up, driving somewhere, just to get there and go down the hill once! Not my cup of tea. Instead, just pull them around the yard. Trust me, they will be just as entertained! Plus, when you do this you are getting in those steps!

Update your mudroom so your snow gear isn’t clogging up your hallway.

Store All Your Outdoor Gear on this Metal Coat Rack and Shoe Organizer System Storage Unit

3 Bake

Now, this doesn’t have to be a winter activity but something about baking during the holidays is just magical. Setting up a dedicated baking station in your pantry or cabinet is part of the fun! I use a 2-tiered Lazy Susan and metal wire baskets to keep my items organized. Parent hack – try a recipe for a coffee mug cake and you can give that to your kids as a job to “help” out! For recipe ideas check our holiday recipe guide.

Prep Christmas Cookies on a Marble Serving and Pastry Board

4 Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts have been reoccurring throughout the quarantine – and for good reason. It helps entertain your kids and helps them use part of their brain that otherwise might be lying idle. Use themes to keep your hunts different; think – animals, colors, tools – anything that your kid is into. Hide various items around your house, yard, or a specific room. Give your kids a list of items to find and a reward for finding all the items! Use clear boxes as drop zones as they find each item.

Store Your Kids Collections in a Plastic Toy Storage Box with Contrast Lid

5 Movie Night

While movie theaters might not be the best place to go right now, why not host a family movie night? Gather all your snacks together and set them out. Use a tiered spice rack to display all items and have your kids pick out what they want. Get some room darkening shades and grab yourself the latest movie. Most online options are letting you buy or rent new movies, so stay in and couple up on the couch.

Elevate Your Home Movie Nights with Custom Popcorn Bags Displayed on a Tiered Cabinet Rack

6 Cardboard Rocket Ship

Have you been overdosing on online shopping? Yeah, me too. I know with all that cardboard coming to my house daily I have been going to the recycle yard more and more. Why not keep those boxes and build something? My daughter’s imagination is better than anyone I know, so let’s put those skills to the test. I have a dedicated craft cart and portable tote caddy that I can move around and is perfect for times like these. Fill it up with stickers, markers, glue sticks, pipe cleaners and let your kids free. No worries if your child wants to start over, I’m sure you’ll get another delivery tomorrow!

Use a Plastic Counter Storage Caddy to Create a Arts and Crafts Tote for Your Kids

Now if the phrase “I’m bored” comes out of your family’s mouth, you have some ideas up your sleeve to keep your family sane.

Home for the Holidays

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Posted: Dec 8, 2020