food and pantry items in clear plastic bins and organizers

Spring-Clean Your Pantry in 5 Easy Steps

Written by: Katherine Flacco



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Indulge in a clean pantry with solutions that will make your space feel twice as big.

Spring cleaning is all about refreshing your home with lighter accents in anticipation of the warmer weather ahead. This same process can be used in the kitchen, more specifically, in the pantry. As we get ready for outdoor gatherings and grilling, it’s time to shed our pantry of ingredients we aren’t using or items that are past expiration and give it the refresh it deserves. 

Space. It’s a complaint almost all of us have when it comes to storage. No matter how much we have, it seems we can never have enough, and this very idea is especially true when organizing the pantry. For many of us, maintaining an organized pantry is an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to be. Turn your underachieving pantry into one that’s Instagram-worthy by creating visibility and easy access to everything. Keeping everything in plain sight speeds up prep time so you can get back to the task at hand: cooking. Pantry organization is all about creating order for you and your family. Once your pantry is thoughtfully planned out and organized, it will not only look beautiful, but it will simplify your meal prepping and your daily routine. We break down pantry organizing into a few simple steps along with the useful organizers that eliminate clutter resulting in a well-organized pantry that’s functional, practical, and even sparks a little pantry magic.

Clean Out

Start by taking everything out of the pantry and putting it on your countertop or table so you can clearly see what you have. 


Next, take your cleaning caddy and use your favorite all-purpose cleaner to wipe down shelves, walls, and floors. Also, wipe off ingredients that tend to get sticky or oily. Allow time for everything to air-dry before putting items back in the pantry


Look at each product and take note of expiration dates. Toss items that are past due or open foods that are stale. For unopened foods that you have overbought or no longer need, consider donating these items to a local food pantry.

Organize and Restock

Now that you have everything in plain sight, it’s time to get organized. Start by grouping all like items together, such as all canned goods, all spices, and all cereals. 


While you are organizing, take note of what needs to be restocked. If you are running low on snacks or need to stock up on your favorite summer ingredients, make a running list for the next time you take a trip to the grocery store. 

Create Visibility and Order in Your Pantry

Next, we are ready to put our pantry back together. When placing items back, be sure to put products with longer expiration dates in the back and place often-needed items like oatmeal and snacks up front. 


Now that you grouped like items together, we suggest using clear stackable bins to corral items, so they are neat and contained while maximizing vertical space. Whether you prefer open-front bins, lidded bins, or bamboo bins, we recommend picking one to two styles in varying sizes to create function and visual interest. 

If you have young kids, creating easy access to snacks by keeping them on lower shelves and in sectioned bins will help them know where everything is, but more importantly, where to put it back when they are done. 


For a visually clutter-free pantry, look to can organizers that corral cans so you avoid the dreaded pantry rummage. 


Storing perishables like onions, garlic, and potatoes separately in baskets or bins keeps them contained and tidy. 

If you have additional space between the floor and pantry shelves, don’t let this valuable space go to waste. Use decorative nesting baskets to store crucial household goods like toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins. 


Walk-in pantries can benefit from a rolling cart to store often-used ingredients that you can move to your prep station when needed. For larger pantries, don’t forget to utilize the space behind doors using adhesive baskets. This often-wasted space provides additional storage opportunities for maximum function. 

Maximize Space

Now let’s get ready to double and even triple your storage space—and yes, it is possible. 


Start by transferring opened dried goods like cereals, grains, or snacks into clear, airtight canisters. Canisters help to   keep your food fresher for longer and the clear design keeps track of when it’s time to restock and avoid overbuying. 

Another pantry hack we swear by is shelf risers. Create instant tiered storage on any shelf to double your storage capacity. Shelf risers also work wonders inside cabinets and under-sinks to bring instant order to any challenging area. 


Store all your spices in one spot to make things more organized with tiered shelves. Get ready to undergo culinary magic with this attractive storage solution that expands to suit your needs and keeps all your favorite herbs and seasonings on display. 


Make use of hard-to-reach corners with a lazy susan that puts those once-in-a-while ingredients in view with just a single spin. 

Cleaning out your pantry may take some time, but the results are immediate. You’ll feel accomplished once all your favorite products have a proper home that you can access with ease. Developing an organizational system for you and your family can be fun when you invest in the right organizers. Follow these simple steps anytime your pantry lacks a little organization.