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Unlocking Practical Holiday Gifts: 3 Creative Solutions

Written by: Kristen Anderson



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From holiday gift baskets to serving trays, blankets, and more, here's how to approach giving useful gifts your friends and family will love.

Ahh, the holiday season. A time of warmth, family, comforting seasonal movie marathons...and panicking when you've run out of gift ideas.


We've all been there! There are all sorts of reasons to get stumped when it comes to holiday presents, from picky people to those who just buy themselves whatever they want. Luckily, there are three universal truths out there that, when acknowledged, can get the gift ideas flowing and ensure you give the perfect practical presents.

Truth 1: Everyone can use baskets and bins

May he who doesn't have knick-knacks and bunched-up scarves to store away nicely cast the first stone. We all have areas of the home that could use a little organizational love, be it a living room table that's become a catch-all for a pile of craft supplies or a kitchen cabinet brimming with layers of food boxes to dig through. Often, these areas start to build up because the idea of starting to organize them is too overwhelming.


How nice would it be if someone in our lives gifted us a tool that makes that kind of clean-up effortless? YOU could be that someone this holiday season!


And no worries about feeling like you're giving your loved one the gift of organizational homework. Pack a stylish basket with gifts, treating it like a Christmas stocking, and view the basket they come in as super-functional wrapping paper! Get creative -- you can stick to a gift theme, like snacks or self-care (keep an eye out for small gift sets!), or pack the basket with varying small gifts your friend or family member will love.

You might also adhere to them theme of organization that the basket implies and include a gift card for a local professional organizer. Explore our professional organizer directory to find the perfect fit in your area, then get in touch with them to obtain a gift card!


Going the basket route is not only great for your gift recipient, but for you as well. Purchasing a basket set gives you the option to split it up to give to multiple loved ones, making your holiday shopping instantly easier.

Truth 2: Those who host need things to host with

There's just a certain flair about people who have a gift for hosting the holidays. They tend to be nurturers who love to share their food and home with others and revel in making it extra special with small serving details that leave an impression, and once that "wow" factor starts to wear off, they may want a little refresh.


That's where you come in.


Delight the person in your life who hosts gatherings by offering up gifts that they can even use right away if you're attending a party. Who doesn't love instant gratification? Slate serving trays are always a welcome and versatile addition to any table, especially with the recent popularity of charcuterie trays.

For an unexpected gift that your host can use to entertain, a cheese knife set, present like a culinary bouquet, is just the ticket. Giving a gift that will make gatherings with family and friends feel a little more special is thoughtful and personal in just the right way.


And make wrapping up the night with coffee and tea even more cozy with the gift of a natural bamboo tea box that your host can feel proud of. Rather than digging through cardboard boxes and reading out tea flavors, they can allow guests to peruse neatly sorted tea bags and pick what they would love to sip as the night winds down.

Truth 3: All people like to be comfy

No one has ever said they have too many cozy blankets and pillows around. Especially during the colder winter months, there are few gifts as great as being able to wrap yourself up in something soft while you watch TV or spend a little extra time on your already-made bed.


Gifting items that lend literal comfort can often provide mental comfort as well, especially to someone living away from home. Sending a college student back to the dorm with the gift of a comfortable textured knit blanket ensures that every time they wrap themselves up in it to add a little joy to a late-night study session, they'll be thinking of you. (Parents: toss it in the dryer with your dryer sheets to create a comforting gift that smells like home.)


For friends and family who run a little hot (we know them, we love them) or love using throw blankets as an accent piece for added decorative texture, a light gauze throw will be a much-appreciated gift. The breathability can't be beaten, making them the perfect gift for people who love to amplify the coziness of couch time without feeling weighed down. A nature-toned throw is also the ideal versatile accent piece for those who want to add the perfect finishing touch to their bed or couch. To create a comfy gift set, pair a throw with a velvet pillow in a coordinating color.

You can't go wrong when you use one of these basic guidelines as the springboard for gift ideas that will show your friends, family, coworkers, and beyond how much you care. Practical presents are wonderful because they get used year after year to improve the lives of the people you care about -- and you can't ask for a much better gift than that.