Trick-or-Treating in 2020

Trick-or-Treating in 2020

Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating

COVID-19 strikes again. The victim? Trick-or-Treating. While many families are contemplating what to do this season with the kiddos, there are some alternatives out there that are actually kind of fun and you might just add them to your routine.

1 You’ve Been Boo’d

Here is a take on a classic. You’ve Been Boo’d is a fun way to surprise neighbors and families while practicing a safe, 6ft. distance. What is it you ask? It involves secretly gifting Halloween treats and goodies to a couple of neighbors or people in your local community.

What do you need? Start by grabbing a small bin – cleardecorative, or woven, be creative! You can decorate the outside of your bin or just leave it blank. Then fill the bag with goodies. Candy, small treats, go to the dollar store (or online), and just get anything that would be fun for whomever you are booing. Arrange everything together and print out the below “You’ve Been Boo'd” label. Place it on their front porch and off you go! This idea is super easy and simple, but it will bring delight to anybody that has been boo’d!

You've Been Booed Print Out Sign for Halloween

2 Backyard Scavenger Hunt

If you have small children and are not comfortable going trick or treating this year, create it in your backyard! That way your kids can enjoy going around getting different candies but stay safe while doing it.

What do you need? Get several different kinds of candy, games, or small items. Again, dollar store or online is the way to go for a good bargain! While you are buying bins for being boo’d you can get some extras in bamboo and set them up around our house/backyard, too!

Need something a bit more permanent? Use a rolling cart set up with different candies and decorations. Or add a tiered serving station. Fill with small toys or candy. Entertainment with a treat!

Make a Trick-or-Treating Halloween Candy Station with a 3 Tier Metal Rolling Household Storage Cart Multi-Tier Serving Stand, Round Display Tray are Great for Displaying Halloween and Fall Candy and Goodies

3 Video Costume Contest

Most of us are working from home this year. At our company, Halloween costume contests were taken v seriously. People spent weeks working on elaborate costumes and themes. This year, things are different. Now, we are doing a virtual costume contest. Make an online video chat group with your friends and family, dress up, and have a fun night in. Need to spice it up? Check out our Witch's Cauldron Brew that will be make any goblin happy!

Witch's Cauldron Brew

  • 1.5 fl. oz. of Vodka – use any flavor you would like!
  • 0.5 fl. oz. of Triple Sec
  • 1.5 teaspoons black raspberry liqueur
  • Dry Ice – optional
  • Decorations – optional
  1. Pour vodka, triple sec and raspberry liqueur into a cocktail shaker over ice. Cover, and shake until the outside of the shaker has frosted.
  2. Pour into glass and enjoy!
  3. Optional – add dry ice to make it bubble and other fun Halloween decorations to bring a festive feel.

Elevate your Spooky Cocktails this Halloween with a Acrylic Rectangular Serving Tray with Handles

4 Goodie Bags

Making custom goodie bags for your friends, family and co-workers might be just the treat we need right now. Gather all the stuff you are going to put in the goodie bags, you guessed it! Online or from the dollar store – I mean, who needs to get elaborate things? Place them into bags on bamboo trays, customize them with their names on it, and hand them out or drop them off to family and friends.

Organize Halloween Gift Bags in this Decorative Bamboo Tote Tray Bin with Handles

5 DIY Spooky Donuts

This is a great way to get your kids involved and having fun before the sugar intake! Grab some donuts and follow along this video to make your own scary sugary treats! When done, pass out and show off your creations in the stylish acrylic serving trays.

6 Practicing Safe Trick-or-Treating

Is your neighborhood still planning on doing trick-or-treating? That’s ok, we have you covered there, too! Try to incorporate a mask with your child’s costume, stay 6ft. away from other families and only grab one treat at each house. Try not to have your kids rummage through all the candy. Yes, easier said than done. Keep a travel string bag with you with extra sanitizer, masks, wipes, tissues, gloves, or anything else your child might need to keep safe. Also, make sure to follow all the CDC guidelines.

Store and Organize Halloween Costumes with Ease

Whether you are staying home or going out, try to make the best of Halloween and have some extra special fun with your family this year. We all deserve it!

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Posted: Oct 26, 2020