Trick or Treat Station and Halloween Party Ideas to Enhance Spooky Season

Written by: Kristen Anderson



Time to read 2 min

There’s nothing scary about how easy baskets and trays make celebrating Halloween.

Halloween is right around the corner, and savvy, seasoned treat hander-outers may already have their big bags of mixed candy ready to go.


But just as important as the candy itself is the holder you use to give it out! Plus, if you go all out and invite those tricks and treats inside with a Halloween party, you'll want creative and festive ways to serve up Halloween-themed snacks.

Halloween Outside

This year, it's time to think outside the giant bowl of candy and give trick-or-treaters a festive display to look at and enjoy as they dig into those Halloween sweets. Use a 3-tier rolling cart with pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and maybe a few fake spiders or ghosts if you feel especially spooky. The rolling cart adds a unique look to your decorations and makes your candy easily portable in case Halloween trick-or-treaters descend upon you on all sides and need to move around quickly.


You can place candy amongst the decorations to add a Halloween hide-and-seek element to giving out candy or place woven baskets on the tiers to hold all of those Halloween favorites. Having multiple baskets makes it easy to serve multiple trick-or-treaters at once -- rather than having everyone dig in the same bowl (or you struggle to keep going in for multiple handfuls to give out), they can be taking candy from multiple baskets at the same time quickly, especially with the tiers of the cart spacing things out.

Baskets also offer the option to sort your candy out. In recent years, the Teal Pumpkin Project has spearheaded a movement to make non-food treats more readily available and recognizable for trick-or-treaters with allergies to standard candy. Placing teal pumpkins outside lets people with food reactions know they'll still find Halloween goodies at your house. Why not decorate a tier of your cart with teal pumpkins and place fun Halloween toys and trinkets into a basket for those kids to enjoy?

Halloween Inside

If you want to bring the festivities inside, chances are good you have some ideas about fun, themed foods to surprise and delight even the most seasoned Halloween guests. Make sure the focus stays on the food with slate serving trays that provide an enticing, on-theme, dark backdrop to your treats. You can even use the included chalk to write a Halloween-themed name for your food, like "Mummy's Famous Cookies" for sweets with criss-cross icing that evokes a spooky mummy's wrappings.


Acrylic serving trays with handles make passing around goodies easy, and the high walls reduce the risk of anything slipping off because that's not the kind of trick anyone is looking for. Try creating a themed cocktail and mocktail for your guests, using a surprising, scary-themed element as a garnish. We suggest replacing the standard tiny umbrella with a skeleton hand stirrer for maximum Halloween impact.

And nothing caps off a fun night like a goodie bag to grab as guests are whisking themselves back out into the night. Create a to-go gift station with bamboo trays that keep bags in one place without tipping over and make it easy to point your guests toward their reward for making it through the spookiest night of the year.

With a bit of planning ahead and smart organizational tools, your Halloween can be easy and fun for everyone, from costumed little kids to adults blowing off steam. Plus, everything can be re-used for other holidays and Halloweens to come. Now that's a real treat.