5-drawer storage unit in children's room with toys

Tame Toys in 2024 with These 12 Storage Solutions

Written by: Katherine Flacco



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The weeks after Christmas can be even more stressful than the weeks leading up to Christmas. Don’t believe me? Hear me out. If all your kids made the nice list, then I’m sure there were plenty of cool new toys under the tree. Now comes the organizational challenge—where in the world do you put this mountain of new toys? Queue the stress.


Before you start crying in the corner (guilty!) take this time to do a toy purge and get creative with toy storage. Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about storage, and think outside the box when it comes to finding practical and space-saving storage solutions. But before we dive into efficiently storing all these goodies, first we need to evaluate our current toy state of mind.

It's Time to Purge

Toy purge that is. Now is the perfect time to think about all the toys your little one owns and what you can do with them. Luckily, there are a few options.

Hit the Trash

If there are broken or unsalvageable toys in the bottom of the toy box, it may be time to say goodbye. These unplayable toys are only taking up valuable play space from the other toys your child actually wants to play with.

Donate New or Gently Used Toys

It’s never too late to teach your child about giving and helping others. Donating their outgrown toys to charities is an excellent learning opportunity. Many non-profit organizations organize toy drives and drop-off areas for donations. You can try your local Goodwill Store or The Salvation Army, or do a quick google search and find some local options in your area. Giving your child’s toy a new home will further teach them about the spirit of giving.


For new toys you don’t have a use for, instead of returning them, try reaching out to your local pediatrician or hospital and see if they can use new toys in their waiting room, or reaching out to your local daycare and see if they can use some new toys in their classrooms.


Now that we’ve purged some toys, it’s time to let the fun begin and start organizing!

Our acrylic floating shelves allow you to turn their toys into décor. Store and display their favorite toy cars or figurines or use them as floating bookshelves and stack some of their favorite must-reads. mDesign Tip: Hang the shelves low so little hands to grab what they need for independent play.


Our fabric bins are just what you need to add a little storage and style to their play space. These versatile bins are designed to fit inside cubby units, or they can be tucked away inside cabinets or closets. The front window will help your child know where everything belongs and will (hopefully!) result in quicker clean-up times. Our colorful assortment ranges from mint green to baby pink for a serene and uplifting feel. 


Another versatile product you should have in your toy storage arsenal is stackable plastic bins. Keep small toys like blocks or teethers contained while the clear construction makes it easy for kids to know what is inside. Plus, the stacking feature saves valuable playroom real estate. Don't forget to also add label tags for even easier identification.

Another take on the traditional cubby unit, our 5-drawer storage unit is just what you need to help store everything from puzzles and craft supplies to tiny doll accessories and so much more. Plus, the girly pink hue is hard to resist.

And don’t forget to use drawer organizers with compartments so everything stays just so and has a proper home. 

Speaking of puzzles and games, another way to store these cumbersome boxes is with our 3-section organizer. Easily store boxes upright while keeping them accessible and visible while taking up little space.

Have a play kitchen but don’t have any room to store the extra accessories? Our 3-tier basket stand instantly creates vertical storage and mimics storage you would use in your real kitchen so you’re little one will feel like you in their own little space.

There’s nothing our rolling cart can’t do. Use it to create a portable library, a craft cart with space for all their new hobby supplies, or a space to store dolls and their coordinating accessories. You can’t go wrong no matter how you choose to roll with it. 

Our can’t-go-wrong craft caddy is just what you need to store craft and hobby supplies while keeping everything within reach. Plus, the chic carry handle adds a decorative touch anywhere it’s stored.

Imaginations can’t soar if they can’t find what they’re looking for. Swap spice jars for art supplies, specifically Play-Doh jars, with this tiered organizer that will keep all their favorite colors on display and easy to see and grab.

Because every little princess deserves a dress-up station. Their beautiful dresses turn into a work of art with our wooden hook rack while creating much-appreciate vertical storage.

To complete their dress-up station, our stackable closet bins create space-saving storage by using the larger bin to store dress-up shoes and the top two bins to store their princess jewels and accessories.

Because sports equipment counts as toy storage, right? Wrangle up basketballs, tennis rackets, and baseball bats in one central location to prevent clutter.

For all the dog moms and dads out there, we didn’t forget about you! We know your little furry friend has a habit of dragging their toys all over the house, so in the rare case that the toys are contained, keep them stored in this fabric bin that will look perfectly placed anywhere it’s stored.

Now that almost all their toys have a proper place, it’s time to keep their playroom in order once and for by starting a new resolution—a toy rotation. By rotating toys every week or every other week and storing everything in durable plastic bins or under-the-bed bags for more space-saving storage, there will be more space for them to play and enjoy what they have. Plus, when the room is rid of clutter, children will focus and play with the few toys in front of them instead of bouncing around from toy to toy creating a mess and only giving each toy minimal love. A toy rotation ensures all toys will feel like something new and different to play with, making it feel like Christmas morning again and again.