Summertime Grilling

Summertime Grilling

Get outside and fire up the grill this summer!

With many restaurants still only doing curbside or limited seating, I’m sure your family is bored and in need of getting out of the house for a meal or two. Let’s turn our attention to the grill. Something that everybody loves come summertime. Why not improve on your skills while you are stuck at home?

Whether you are a novice or an expert, the grill can be your best friend. Your family doesn’t like grill marks? Put a piece of foil down and voila, no more marks. You can cook chicken, steak, pork, veggies, potatoes, your whole meal. Plus, the smell is amazing, too.

So, if you are novice, you might not know what you need to get started.

First, it’s different than cooking in a kitchen. I suggest getting a nice caddy or tote that you can bring supplies out to the grill with you like spices, paper towels, condiments, etc. You’ll need all the free hands you can get so having a tote is essential!

Next, you’ll need some grilling utensils. Yes, they are different than what you use in your kitchen. Trust me, I have already tried, and it did not turn out well. These utensils are longer and made of metal, so they do not melt. Using one of these clear, lidded bins will help you keep organized outside while grilling and when you are storing them when not in use. These bins are stackable so you can put your tote on top to take everything you need outside!

Now, if you’re anything like me, grilling is not complete without a nice cold drink. Bring out the beverage tub! This tub can store all of your family’s favorite drinks. No need to go back in a zillion times, just add a few extra on ice and it will be handy sitting next to your table or grill.

Plastic Kitchen Pantry Food Storage Bin Box Metal Beverage Tub and Ice Holder in White

Ok – we are all set on our essentials, now you’ll need ideas on what to make.

Here are two quick recipes that are super simple to make and are going to be crowd pleasers! Need activity ideas? Check out our S'moresBackyard Fun blogs for more inspiration!

  1. Mexican Street Corn – spice up your veggies and your kids will gobble it down.

    Mexican Street Corn Recipe Card

  2. Steak and Potato Hobo Packs – I love this recipe because there is hardly any clean up and who has time for that?

    Steak and Potato Hobo Packs Recipe Card

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Posted: May 29, 2020