Spa Night – Pamper Yourself!

Spa Night – Pamper Yourself!

It’s time to kick back, relax, and transform your home into a tranquil retreat

We all know life can get hectic. A busy week at the office, time spent caring for family and loved ones, errands, obligations, and taking care of your home can leave you feeling exhausted and on the verge of a burn out. mDesign wants to come to the rescue and give you our favorite ways to prevent stress. Grab your friends, some yummy snacks, and your favorite magazines, books, or movies. It’s time to put your feet up and relax because we’re having a spa night!

1 Face & Foot Masks

What better way to kick off a night of pampering than with a double-whammy face and foot mask. Wrap your toes in cozy, exfoliating booties and slather your skin in a mask of your choosing to banish dark spots, blemishes, wrinkles, or minimize pores. Easily purchase these items online or at any local beauty retailer. You can also go au-naturel and DIY your own masks for face and feet right at home!

If you’re having friends or family over to relax with you, put out a spread of items with this Bamboo Organizer Tray or Divided Storage Box, and let your guests choose their own mask.

2 Deep Conditioning & Hair Masks

Your locks deserve love too! While you’re waiting to rinse your face and feet, grab what you’ll need to make your hair healthy. Our hair takes a beating between products, the weather, and styling with heat. Thankfully, there are several deep conditioners and at-home remedies that breathe life back into your tresses. When shopping, make sure to buy something that’s best for your hair type. For curly hair, check out Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk or Shea Moisture. Have straight hair? Check out a Hydro Boost or Real Botanicals.

When it comes to hair care, the options feel endless. Once you’re stocked up on some of your favorites, reduce bathroom clutter and keep your deep conditioners in a Vanity Storage Canister Jar or a Stackable Bin.

3 Mani/Pedi Session

Now that your hands and feet are feeling pretty, it’s time to break out your favorite summer shades and add a fun pop of color to your nails. Whether you’re looking for neon, glitter, or pastel, polishes add the perfect finishing touch to your breezy summer look.

Keep all your favorites on display so you can always easily find the perfect shade.

4 Exfoliating

Once you’ve soaked and let the masks and deep treatments work their magic, it’s time to rinse and exfoliate. Step into a soothing shower or bath and lather up with an exfoliating body scrub. Whether you choose to DIY your own scrub or pick one up at the store, you’ll feel totally refreshed and ready to tackle your latest ‘to-do’ list.

Make your home feel like a relaxing spa retreat with a chic Free-Standing Ladder. It displays and keeps towels at the ready so that when you step out from under the spray, you can wrap yourself in cozy comfort. Add a soft rug with a fun saying for even more coziness.

5 A Good Night Sleep

I can’t stress this last step enough. A good night sleep is key to a productive beauty regime as well as your overall health. It’s easy to stay up late scrolling through your phone, binging a new show, working on a project, or losing yourself in a good book. As tempting as it is to stay up “just a little while longer”, power down instead. Sleep increases productivity, boosts your mood and your immune system, and improves both your heart and memory. Cap off a productive night of pampering by treating yourself (and your guests if they’re staying the night) to some luxurious ZZZ’s. Create a peaceful environment by putting on music for sleep or a guided meditation available on YouTubeSpotify, or Apple Music as well as any number of available apps.

Invite company to enjoy a cozy guest room with soft microfiber sheets and a promise of a tasty breakfast spread and coffee or tea come morning.

The wonderful thing about having a spa night? It’s totally customizable. You can give yourself a break and enjoy a pampering night solo or invite others to share the fun. Make it a short night and paint your nails before bed or give yourself the entire evening off to enjoy a whole itinerary of treatments. Life can leave you feeling bogged down so give yourself a pass to put your feet up and just breathe. Balance is important and you’ll feel refreshed in no time.



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Posted: Jul 22, 2021