Social Distancing: Tailgating Edition

Social Distancing: Tailgating Edition

Stuck at home this fall? Invite a small group of friends over for a COVID-friendly tailgate!

Fall sports season. Nothing better, right? Well, this year will look a bit different than years’ past. With many stadiums doing only 10% capacity or no spectators at all – I’m looking at you MLB – it’s time to get creative. If you are not able to attend sporting events at the stadiums, then it’s time to bring the tailgate home! It’s easy to have a small group of friends and family over for some good ole fashion tailgating.

Organizing and having a DIY tailgate is simple with these go-to tricks. Don’t know where to start? We’ll help ya!


One big step in throwing a killer tailgate is planning, especially while still considering social distancing. A party can be stressful enough as it is, and now you’re adding a pandemic in the mix. Don’t stress, you can still have a wonderful event. Everyone has different comfort levels but it’s easy to accommodate with a little planning.

Start by making a list of all the things you need to purchase. Think about seating (6 ft. apart of course), food, decorations, games, etc. Take care of all items on your list that can be checked off ahead of time, that way when the day of the tailgate rolls around, you can actually sit back and enjoy it.

Day Before

Most of your prep can be done the day before your big event.

  • Use a utensil holder to keep all your forks, spoons, knives, and napkins together. mDESIGN TIP – I keep this stocked and in my cabinet. I pull this out any time I have company over. It’s quick and easy!
  • Set up all your chairs, tables, TV – at our house we love having our at-home tailgate in our backyard or in our driveway. It brings a sense of “being at the game” to your home. Most times we set up a fire as the season gets underway and the weather gets colder.
  • Set up any decorations and games that you want, too! I always love a good squares game to keep everyone engaged during the game. Download your free printable here! If you need any other outdoor games, check out our blog on DIY Backyard Games blog for inspo.
  • Prep any food you need to. If you’re like me, I order the pizza & wings the day before, so I don’t have to think about it! HA… who has time to cook??
  • Signature Drink – I love a drink at a tailgate, and you can make a special one for game day. Check out our Party Drink blog for recipes! With these recipes at hand, you should be able to satisfy any guest. You might have noticed some of these formulas call for some hardware, but you’re in luck! Our bartender set and ice bucket give you everything you need to shake up these clever concoctions (well, besides the alcohol, and the ice, and the fruit, and th- okay you know what we mean). For those not wanting a mixed-drink, use a beverage tub to keep beer and soda cold.

Woven Kitchen Cabinet Cutlery Flatware Basket Metal Beverage Tub + Ice Holder with Handles

Game Day!

Today is the day! Since you did so much prep the day before, you can relax this morning and just do some tidying up. As you get ready to cheer on your favorite team, let’s talk food setup. mDesign has a ton of serving trays to help you out. We have slate traysacrylic trays and glass trays that will look good no matter whose team you are cheering for. One item that is a must for any party, is a rolling bar cart. You can add your drinks, food, utensils, anything you need all in one, portable place! Take this from room to room or outdoors. The possibilities are endless.

Rectangle Slate Stone Gourmet Serving Platter with Chalk Portable Rolling Bar Cart Organizer

Final step? ENJOY!

You might not be able to go to the game this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the game to you! And as they say here in Cleveland, if it doesn’t work out this time, there is always next year!

Laura Sirk is a Marketing Manager at mDesign
and loves all things organization and cats. I’m one cat away from being a cat lady. MEOW!

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Posted: Sep 2, 2020