Revive Your Home Post-Holidays

Revive Your Home Post-Holidays

Dump the post-holiday depression by renewing your home décor!

In my home growing up, the holidays started in mid to end of October and lasted until the beginning of January. Fall decorations came out in October, giving the house a warm, orange/yellow, pumpkin, leaves, and fall candles glow. Everything felt warm and cozy and I could feel the anticipation ramping up to the holidays as the weather grew chillier, the ground was covered in leaves, and the house smelled of cinnamon and pumpkin. After Halloween passed, it was full-blown holiday time. We celebrated Thanksgiving in November as a family around our large dining table and enjoyed all that came with it: turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, gravy, the works. The moment Thanksgiving came to a close, it was on to December and the holidays that ensued. Fall was over and winter vibes quickly spread through the house, as my mother made it a priority to get all of her December decorating completed the very day after Thanksgiving. And oh, she did.

Our home was turned into a winter wonderland, filled with lights and candles and everything that the holidays mean to us as a family and to me as a kid growing up. In every room, even the bathroom, there were at least one or two decorations reminding us it was, indeed, the most wonderful time of the year. School was out as kids, and as adults, we all made an effort to be home for the holidays, no matter what. Holiday drinks were flowing, presents were exchanged, and meals were devoured. Traditions were upheld and relatives were visited.

Then came the new year celebrations. Whether we spent it together as a family or having the time of our lives with our friends, we always make a big deal out of the new year. The eagerness leading up to the ball dropping has always been my favorite part of the holiday season and never disappoints. Confetti and champagne are popped, kisses are exchanged, and the feeling of refreshment and new opportunities fill the air.

Once all of the end of the year craziness settles down, things get a bit quiet. And dark. A feeling of emptiness consumes us as the realization of another 365 day wait until all of the festivities come around again sets in. Decorations come down, seasonal candles are put away, and the countdown to returning to work or school starts ticking. It can be a bit depressing realizing how dark and empty the house normally looks, back to it’s old, bland look. I like to remedy the post-holiday blues with a little décor rejuvenation.

Sure, the holiday décor may be gone, but your everyday décor doesn’t need to be underwhelming and boring either! Get inspired by some of mDesign’s new looks for 2020 and keep that excitement going. Giving your home a facelift will make it feel new again and keep you excited about coming home and spending time in your home long after the holiday season has passed.

Spruce Up Your home and Give Yourself That Happy Feeling Inside All Over Again

Kitchen Countertop and Table Top

Coordinating kitchen items pull together a streamlined look without much effort on your end. For example, use mDesign’s black paper towel holder with a black over the door towel rack coordinated with a black recipe book/tablet stand and black 9-bottle wine rack. Throw in a black metal fruit basket to pull the look together. Just with these five items alone, you already have a matching, sleek looking kitchen with items that are also very functional for everyday use. Add in a black towel set to complete the look and you’ll have yourself a fine-looking food prep area.

Sticking with the black wire theme, add a rolling 3-tier basket shelf in black for jars of cotton balls or swabs, bath salts, lotions, and other toiletries. Include a plant for a touch of green in the bathroom on one of the shelves and delegate one shelf to smaller hand towels. This kind of shelf can be used in any room of the home as well and adds a nice stylish touch to your living room, bedroom, or office

Wire end tables make a great statement piece in your office while offering room to store your additional office essentials. These can also be used in your bedroom as a nightstand!

Try hanging some wall mount baskets to be a catch-all for your items by your entryway area such as hats, scarves, gloves, leashes, and sunglasses. These can be arranged in multiples on the wall in your bathroom for towels, essential oils, soaps, and loofahs. Or even try this in your office.

A great item for your home décor update is to choose items that can be used in more than one way in various rooms throughout your home. mDesign’s medium knitted box with a lid is one of these fantastic items. It has both a modern and cozy feel, with endless uses. It can hold blankets, toys, shoes, clothes, laundry, and more. The charcoal gray color it comes in is very understated, while the knitted pattern on the side along with the detail of the handles gives it a homey vibe that matches most styles. Get one for each room of your home and you’ll see all the many ways it can be used! Place the lid on top to conceal your items or fit it snugly on the bottom to drape blankets fashionably over the sides.

Bathroom Storage Organizers & Accessories

In Just a Handful of Easy Ways, You Can Bring Your House to Life Again with Some Simple Updates

You don’t need the holidays as an excuse to decorate your home in a way that makes guests envy your humble abode!

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Posted: Jan 16, 2020