Pantry Makeover with DaniellesDarlings

Pantry Makeover with DaniellesDarlings

Ready to tackle your messy pantry but don’t know where to start?  Danielle Burt has some tips:

  1. PREP: Get some cute bins. I used mDesign's bins. I liked these because they are great quality and so far has seemed to be toddler proof! I chose clear bins because I like being able to see what I have but they also have very stylish colors, wire bins and wood bins!
  2. EMPTY: Empty out your entire pantry. I am serious. That is the only way to start with a fresh slate. I took pictures for my post on wood shelving for aesthetic but have attached some pictures of the emptying process. This way you will also see all the things that need to be thrown away. (Don't tell anyone but I am notorious for having a few expired items in my pantry.)
  3. CATEGORIZE: Separate and lay food into categories on your floor. I made sure that my floors were clean, I promise! Then made sure each of those categories of food would fit in the bins. If I have a lot of chips, which i usually do, I chose a bigger bin to store those in. All my packets of spices could go in a smaller bin. I share my categories with you below:

beef jerky
snack pouches
nutrition bars
brownie/cake mix

  1. MAINTAIN: Once food bins are placed back into the pantry, I made a public announcement to my family that if, "they are gettin' a snack, eat it or put it back."

For the full story, check out her blog.
Find inspiration for your own pantry with  mDesign Bins + Baskets.

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Posted: Apr 25, 2019